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Need your opinions here....

A friend of mine purchased few males hm from a Thai seller from aquabid and 2 of the males tails and fins have been damaged. My friend is completely mad about it and asked the seller to refund his payment back to him for those 2 fishes. At this time, the seller refused to do the refund.
He explained that because of the stress during transportation, those fishes could bite their tails and fins by themselves and he can not control that, that is why he would not do the refund.

TRUE or False ??
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Very true! It is very common for them to mutilate their fins. You have to keep in mind that most of the time people buy these fish for breeding purposes. The look of the fish upon arrival is not as important as the lines they just bought. They know they will be able to produce offspring that look just as good or better than the parent. And as long as the fish is kept in clean water the fins will grow back to some extent.
From a breeder's perspective it might actually be a benefit for the fish to have less finnage because breeding might be less stressful. Less stressful for the breeder hoping to keep their fish with perfect fins, and less stressful for the fish itself as he has to do a lot of swimming tending to his babies.
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I've never ordered a betta online, but they do arrive somewhat battered from the stress of being shipped.

Shipping is a stressful process and the more beautiful betta lines seem to be somewhat more high strung.

Clean water and good food should have them in top shape with some time though.
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very very true .. a lot of aquabid sellers also do put disclaimers and warnings that bettas can arrive with torn fins and loss of color due to stress during shipping .. on their bids .. because it's something that happens more often then not during the whole shipping process ..

just imagine how tough the little guy has it while being shipped .. being on a plane for like ~10+ hrs to the transshippers .. then being shipped again to your house in some delivery truck that probably hits every pot hole .. and is in the back where temperatures are not idea .. i'd be surprised that he didn't nom on his tail
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Damage during shipping does not constitute a refund. You accept that risk when you buy a fish that is not local. The only way to be refunded is if the fish are DOA.

Fins will grow back just fine if properly cared for.
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