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Protein film and other questions.

My tank is up and running well (I think). Six female bettas, lots of plants, 6 ghost shrimp (guaranteed 3 still living), and one golden apple snail.
33 gal, 75-78 degree range, filter. Going to get the water tested this afternoon for more specs.

I've noticed a filmy layer on top of the water, almost like oil, only it does not have the rainbow sheen of oil. I've heard of protein film, but not sure if this is it, or if it's something to worry about. I have a betta log, and this cloudy whitish substance has settled on the bottom. Doesn't seem to effect the girls, I just wash it with hot water and a toothbrush to remove the slimy substance.

The other question is about the filter. I've noticed lots of bubbles. At first I thought it was from the filter, but then it was around the betta log, and it looked just like a bubble nest. But after moving things around I'm not sure if it's from the filter or the girls. There are bubbles under the out pouring water, around the intake tube, and all three sides of the aquarium on that side.

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I love all the plants in your tank, it looks great!

The log is a real log? I suspect that's the problem. They can give off some funny stuff into the water. Test the parameters to make sure it's not throwing them way off, that will be more telling. Driftwood tends to lower the pH because of the acidic tannins. Did you soak the log before adding it to the tank? It's generally recommended that you do that to remove the tannins. I don't have any driftwood in my tank, so I don't know a whole lot more than that.

Other thoughts: I have a feeling you are very aware of this, but females don't make bubble nests, so that's not it. I've not known female bettas to do anything that would result in that many bubbles, but I don't have a sorority, just a couple in divided tanks.

What's your water change and filter change schedule? My bettas do leave a lot of small bubbles at the top from going up to breathe, but it's never looked quite like that.

Any chance a foreign chemical or substance got into your tank? Either from cleaning, or something that might have been on the decor that didn't get rinsed off?
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IT's a betta log, nothing real about anything zoo-med makes. Females can nest, just not sure if this is my girls nesting or the filter throwing out lots of bubbling water.

After getting the water tested my Ph is super low, down to about 6.4. I'm doing a partial change, and then I'm going to get it tested again tomorrow. If it's still really low I'm probably going to add a small piece or two of coral to the filter.
Oh, and the water is very very hard. Everything else is looking good.
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