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New Member
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Smile How did your bettas get their names??

I've seen some great names here and was wondering how you all came up with then.

Spirit-Got his name cause he's got a lot of it,you'd think he could take on a great white and win!

Skittles-I couldn't find the right name for him for over a month,till one day he started flaring( for the first time).What was the big threat to his territory?
A bag of skittles that needed a beat down.

Monet-His coloring reminds me of a Monet painting,even more fitting Monet did a lot of waterscapes.

There mine,now lets hear yours.
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Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
I'll post mine too! I love the origin of Skittles!

Ben - Named after a character from Supernatural. My rats are named after them too.

Hughie - Random name, I wanted something old sounding.

Twitch - When he came home he had a twitch, he was named Jose but it didn't stick.

Nixon - His old owner named him this, so we kept it out of respect.

Freddy - A gift from my friend, so I let her name him.

Spidey - Named after Spiderman. We had Carnage and Venom too.

Suki, Yuki, Tatsu, Kaida, Yoshe - Japanese names that reflect them.

Teeko - I named her something different, but my son kept calling her Teeko so it stuck!
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Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: CT
General Tso- my 10 year old named him after his chinese food (technically it's his fish).

Rex- named after the annoying puppet in Victorious by my kids.

I'm getting an AB fish on Tues or Weds and I am naming that one, LOL.
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Canada!
Welcome to the forum! Here's mine!

Tobi- Who doesn't love Tobey Maguire?? I just spelt it differently.
Mr Jingles- He likes to dance around a lot like a jingle dancer!

There's mine! Cool names everyone!
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Shangdong, China
most of mine are named after movie/cartoon characters except for these

with the exception of Butterbuns - I let the idiot boyfriend name her
barron von fishie fins - it sounds cute
India - it just fit her
mr coffee ebcause his color is tan like when you add milk to coffee
oooh and sushi - she has no tail when i got her

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Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Portsmouth NH.
I name most of my fish after anime. .*sweat drop*

Grell- he was a red fish and the charicter grell loves red.

Undertaker- He was just a dark but bright looking fish and what could be more dark then an undertaker. (again an anime name that just fit)

Itachi- He's black and red, and itachi usually wears black in red in the anime i like...

Neji- he's kind of this purpleish color, and the anime character has purple eyes. ...
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hmckin20's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: In a pineapple
huge paragraph coming...

Pierce- I felt like Pierce was a beasty man name and Pierce has spikes.
Flair- Flair has a gorgeous long fin that twirls at the end. He has flair.
Demi- a girl name for a small being. She was smaller at the time.
Caspian- ironic because he's a scaredy cat. color of the sea.
Hippie- he is a variety of colors. looks like he got tye dyed
Shasta- it suited him
Bangle- He has red and green, so it reminded me of Christmas. xmas ornaments
Viper- He's bright green and black. obviously a toxic snake name in order.
Jericho- Gold and innocent. Jericho is the city of the heavens or something like that.
Soldier- First rescue, I didn't think he'd make it. He did and he's a fighter.
Harvey- Named after my first fish that died.
Navajo- named because his fins reminded me of a Navajo blanket.
Gabriel- named after an angel. Pure white and was injured when I got him.
Goliath- He's a beast!
Florence- She's quirky and it reminded me of quirky Florence and the Machine.
Peach- she's literally peach colored.
Charlotte- someone recommended this name. Girly and Queen like.
Roxanne- someone recommended this name. Tough.
Piranha- after trying to eat an ant, three hairs, and his own fins, it seemed appropriate.
Viking- his colors reminded me of something a viking would wear. ironic also cause he's really sensitive.
Indigo- he's the color indigo!
Tristan- sounds like an innocent and gorgeous name.
Ichabod- previously Spooky, he's orange with black lips. he needed a scary name.
Flamenco- he's a red butterfly, looks like a carnation or the dress of a flamenco dancer.
Cosmo- when I got him he was white and blue, like the skies.
Nobel- people were abusing him at Walmart when I picked him up. named after Nobel Peace Prize
Caesar- deemed snobby and high class enough for this gorgeous plakat.
Marie- The finer of two girls.
Josie- The goofier (and oranger) of two girls.
Orlando- was named by her original owner for a sunset in Florida.
Thor- he's beasty and has red and silver. seemed appropriate
Atlas- named after the greek bear of courage, I got this guy after a day of fear.
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HatsuneMiku's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: ♥ so kali ♥
my babies all boys (oldest first)

mr. fishie [blue/red vt]

technically my bf's betta .. he never decided on a name or bothered naming him .. so everytime i saw him or walked in the room i would say "hi mr. fishie" since he had no official name .. and the little guy would come swimming up to me .. so the name kinda just stuck

mystique [blue vt]
he's such a mystery .. and changes colors depending on the light .. and he has a hint of red in his beard sometimes .. depending on the lighting .. so named after the x-men .. mystique .. since he's ever changing .. and it seems like he morphs colors ..

ruby/emerald R.I.P [red vt that turned green O_O]

was gift for grandma .. decided to name him anyway since grandma doesn't live that far and we'd see him a lot .. but he started turning green .. so we renamed him emerald .. he died from velvet .. we think .. T_T .. grandma was sad (so we got her another betta)

mr. bubbles [orange dalmatian vt]
for the longest time i couldn't come up with a name for this little guy .. he was whiteish clear when i got him .. but quickly started turning orangeish and getting spots (after a week) .. in the beginning i thought there was something wrong with him cus i never knew bettas would get spots .. but to my surprise he was a dalmatian and a rare find .. he always blows bubbles .. everywhere .. not just his bubble nest .. but tiny bubbles will be everywhere on top of his tank every day .. so eventually i decided to call him mr. bubbles

yuki [white/iridescent hm or delta .. can't really tell he doesn't flare]

yuki was a rescue from petsmart .. he was in very bad conditions when i saved him .. yuki means snow in japanese .. and is very fitting for him because.. this little guy is so very delicate like snow (and has chronic sbd) .. and his iridescent fins kinda looks like the way snow glistens when it catches the light and shimmers

scarlett [red HM]
replacement betta for grandma ^_^ this little guy is so red .. and so feisty like scarlett o-hare from gone with the wind .. hopefully this one won't change color .. grandma likes red =D

nimbus [white feathertail OHM /w big ears]
initially i was gonna name him cloud .. cus his fins were so fluffy fluttering around .. especially since he has big ears so he looked like a fluffy white cloud floating in the water .. and 2nd reason would be cloud after the final fantasy 7 char .. since his face looks all melancholy and his mouth dosen't close all the way (at least i thought it didn't when i was holding him and walking around with him at the LPS) .. bf wanted to name him casper like the friendly ghost .. so since we couldn't decide i posted a name suggestion thread .. and someone suggested naming him nimbostratus cloud .. or 'nimbo' for short .. and i thought it was a wonderful idea .. so instead i look the Latin term form his suggestion which is nimbus .. cus nimbo sounded too much like dumbo .. and i didn't want to name him that cus of my baby's big ears =D

thought i'd give my marimo balls some face time too
my first marimo ball .. when i touched him he felt all mushie .. and he reminded me of squeezing those giant marshmallows as a kid .. and i love mashimaro ^_^ .. so i just kinda word played it .. and made it mushimaro

he soaks up water so much .. even after i squeezle it out .. he never floats .. just soaks up water and sinks .. he's also in the tank with mr. bubbles that has the sponge bob pineapple decor so =D

after the minions from despicable me .. though this one seems to have grown ears

another minion .. marimo balls are gonna take over the world (eventually i want enough marimo balls i can name after all the despicable me minions) ^_^

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Fairfax ~ I was looking for "blond" sounding name meanings. He's also kind of snooty, so somehow his name fits his personality. [Light yellow BF VT]
Honey ~ His colour reminds me of clover honey. And he's a sweetheart. [Super intense yellow VT]
Quest ~ Got him in Quebec, and it took awhile to come home with him. So I thought a name befitting for him would be something to do with travelling. [Blue marble grizzle BF CT]
Rodion ~ It fits him, and it sounds pretty cool. :) [Purple/Red VT]
Kryptonite ~ He's green and I could not resist him. He was my weakness. [Green dragon HM]
Raja ~ It just fits him. He has a regal presence about him. [Copper/Red CT]
Oliver ~ He totally resembled a green olive. Totally. [Green short body VT,RIP]
Corvus ~ Seems to fit him well. [Royal Blue VT]
Zale ~ Wanted a Z name. It means "sea" in a language I forget. [Purple/Red grizzle VT]
Soliel ~ He looks like an underwater sunflower. [Yellow CT]
Kasterborous ~ Doctor Who Geekery :D [Steel blue CT, RIP]
Boaz ~ The meaning fits him. [Multi VT, RIP]
Sterling~ My little star .... He's grown so much in the past few months. [Steel VT]
Peaseblossom ~ A fairy from Shakespeare. :D [Orange Dal VT, RIP]
Gertrude ~ She's a tough PK girl, and doesn't have a delicate bone in her body. She needed a tough sounding name. [Green/Red PKF]
Mimosa and Elektra: Two VT ladies I picked up today. [Mimosa: Steel blue grizzle | Elektra: Red Cambodian]

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Join Date: Sep 2011
Ive only got one.
Miami Ice- i got his name from the local race horse that won me $50. The horse and fish are both white so i thought it was a suttable name for him considering ive already invested $50 into him.
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