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Two important questions.

I have had my betta filet for over a month and I want to get a 5 gallon tank for him. My questions are regarding how often do I do water changes and can I get any other fish to put in with him
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Sena Hansler
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I suggest cycling the tank first :) makes it easier on your fish! that's 4-6 weeks running the tank, with either fish food flakes (a couple a day apparently) or some people use raw shrimp. you can ask people on here about that, if you don't already know how to! :)

You don't really want to add too much in the 5 gallon... most bettas make shrimp into nummy snacks, and any fish I could recommend with bettas should be in 10 gallons or more so not to stress him out :)

as for water changes, you could do a 20% weekly water change, with gravel siphoning. You'll definitely want a gravel siphon and a bucket! saves you work, and plus the betta won't have to be moved.
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I don't filter my five gallon at all. Not because it is easier on me, but I believe it improves the life of the betta. Their fins are so delicate; a filter causes a tremondus amount of stress. I just do a 100% change every week or so. I've had happy, healthy fish because of it. In addition, I've had trouble getting a five gallon to hold a proper cycle. I would not add much as far as tank mates go. I really believe bettas are happiest alone.
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for my 5g tanks .. i do 1 50% one week with a decor rinse ..

the next week 100% (more like 90% cus i don't wash out my gravel .. since good bacteria does still grow there (not enough to hold a steady cycle though)

so i rotate between doing 50 and 100 every other week

i would not suggest cycling a 5g .. unless your a pro at it and have testing kit and supplies .. while it is possible to cycle .. it's very unstable ..

also a 5g tank is misleading .. cus in actuality your probably going to want to leave 1 inch lower waterline just incase your betta jumps .. and decor gravel etc .. really your only putting 4g's in there .. not really 5+ .. which makes holding a cycle even more challenging since there really isn't that much surface area for good bacteria to grow into stable colonies
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I'd recommend 50% water only and 50% substrate vacuuming per week.. ammonia can build up pretty good in a 5 gal. At 3gals it is recommended 1 50% and 1 100% water change for unfiltered, a 5 gal not much bigger...
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