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Which medication should I use?

I currently have a 10 gallon split tank between two female bettas. The temperature is at 78 degrees, and I do about a 50% water change every week or so, no longer than a week and a half. All the levels are in the normal range, tank is completely cycled. It's been up for about two months now.

My problem began about a month ago. I put the two fish together and one of them jumped over and they ended up fighting. I found them in time, and separated them. They both are healing well. However, the one fish who was perfectly healthy before, is now beginning to grow white cottony spots on her body. She is also missing one of her scales now. My suspicion is that the other fish might have had something, and when they fought it was spread though open wounds. In addition she likes to just float in a vertical position on the side of the filter. Her fins are fully extended horizontally, in relation to her body. I have tried to cover up the spot, but she still squeezes her way in there. I thought maybe she was bloated, so I fed her peas for two days. She's not in the corner as much, but I catch her there occasionally.

My other fish seems to be acting as it always has. It has a very hard time eating and spits the food out, and completely misses it sometimes when trying to go after it. I make sure she eats enough though. It looks as if the left side of her face/ gill area is sunken in a bit more than it should. It has been like that for a very long time. I thought it was safe to place them together since there really is no visible growths or other strange behavior coming from that fish.

The two medications I have are Mardel Maracyn (just the regular one, not 2), and Tetra Fungus Guard. I have been treating them with the salt water for about ten days now, and will be removing it. Replacing with only fresh water and Prime. I really can't afford to go out and buy anymore medication for them. If anyone can give me some advice so I can save my fish I would greatly appreciate it. I am going to do the treatment in the same tank they are in, since I believe it was spread between them. After that, should I separate them again?

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