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Originally Posted by dbockrath View Post
Thank you! I took the aquarium filter apart and rinsed everything under hot water this morning. Then when I put it back together and plugged it back in, the motor hummed for a second and stopped. I figured it went to the big aquarium in the sky, so I went to Petsmart and bought a Penguin 100 filter. I took the biofilter out of the old filter and stuck it behind the biowheel in the new filter. Will that keep the aquarium from getting an ammonia spike?

Ouch! Yes, swapping the bio-media over should do fine in the 100b, you can just leave it in there with the bio-wheel if you like as long as its not jamming the wheel the wheel will begin picking up the nitrite eating bacteria. In a canister arrangement I had a four basket canister and a bio-wheel return and the ammonia eaters preferred the canister while the nitrite eaters preferred the bio-wheel. If you don't like the wheel noise you can take it out and stick a sponge in but the media from the aqua-tech should be enough on its own.

I do find it odd that these companies don't include a basic cleaning tool on the small filters, even Marineland doesn't ship one on anything below the Emperor series.
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Actually, I ended up taking the Penguin back and exchanging it for an Aquaculture. The Aquaculture filter media are about a quarter of the size of the Aquatech cartridges, so I can't fit the old cartridge in the Aquaculture compartment. I think I'll cut off about a quarter of the old cartridge and stick it in the Aquaculture compartment, and leave the rest of the old cartridge clipped to the wall for a couple of weeks.
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The impeller on my Aquaclear is white (actually green with algae) with four blades that is mounted to a small cylindrical magnet. Long strands on hair get wrapped around the small metal shaft. I use a pointed Exacto blade to get them off being careful not to bend the shaft. It was a little hard to pull it out of the hole so at first I thought maybe it wouldn't come apart but it did.
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