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Karen Feege
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Chronic swim bladder disease

I have a new betta that I got at a pet store a few weeks ago. After about four days of being on pellets and brine shrimp and bloodworms, he developed swim bladder disease and cannot swim upright. He lays on his side at the top of the water.
I have fasted him for two days, gave him a pea and it came right back. I fasted him again for two days and gave him some daphnia and again he was on his side. I have been alternating fasting this fish for two-three days and trying the pea method or daphnia but every time he reverts back to his side and cannot get to the bottom of the tank.
The tank is 2.5 gallons and I use Atison's betta spa in his tank as a conditioner. It is cleaned once per week.
I'm afraid this little guy is going to starve since there is nothing that he can eat which doesn't cause the swim bladder disorder. I'm running out of options as to what to feed him after fasting. How many times can I fast him? Any suggestions?
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Fast him for 1-2 days and put him on epsom salt. Premix 1 tsp/gal and keep him on that for a full 10 days. This will let you see if he is having something internal causing his issues like parasites (white stringy poop) or if his swim bladder is being irritated by swelling or pressure.

If you feed him pellets after fasting, soak them for a few minutes before feeding. Also, if in the next 10 days of epsom salt treatment, that he becomes buoyant again, fast him for 1 day and then increase the dose to 2 tsp/gal,
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How much food are you feeding too? You mentioned 3 different types within 4 days. Are the brine shrimp/blood worms frozen or freeze dried? FD can easily bloat the fish if you don't pre-soak them in tank water before feeding them. As well as they should be a 1-2 times a week treat rather then a staple in their diet. 4-6 pellets a day, spread out in 2-3 meals is idea. For larger bettas you can go up to 8 pellets a day spread out.
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If he is already floating on his side, I would put him in 3 tsps of epsom salt.
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