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Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Kentucky
Just looking for some more experienced feedback here :3

Hello! I've been reading up on bettas for a while now, trying to make sure my little guy, Ares, is the best taken care of he can be for what I have available, until I can afford to put him in a nicer setup.

I bought him about two weeks ago, and brought him home and put him in a gallon bowl with gravel and a cave and a little tree. I change the water 100% twice a week, with partial changes every day or every other day. At first, he was happy and active and had loads of personality, but a few days ago he started slumping at the bottom of the bowl. After a ton more frantic research, (and a eureka! moment that made me feel like an idiot. lol) I realized I had his bowl by the window, and it's been getting a lot colder here lately, especially in the evenings and nighttime. So... I moved him across the room, and I was wondering, until I can get him a better home- thinking about a ten gallon I was looking at on Craigslist- would this be... tentatively okay? Like, for a time-being kind of thing?

Ughh, sorry about being so... eh. It's just that there's a whole ton of conflicting information out there. I joined this site because I thought it would be good to get a solid base of knowledge from more experienced betta owners. So thank you very much for any help you can offer!
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A 10gal would be perfect for a Betta.
You could even venture to put some Ghost Shrimp, Mystery Snails, or a Cory Cat in there to help keep it clean.
Besides enough space, you will want to make sure you have a heater. (78-80 degrees is recommended). And a filter with low flow. Since Bettas fins are so long, they don't like a lot of turbulence in the water.
As far as decor, It's suggested that you go with real, silk, or fabric plants. The hard plastic ones can rip/ tear a Bettas fins. You can also get a coffee cup from the dollar store to act as a cave for you Betta.

Besides living conditions, a good diet with some variety is also recommended. You wouldn't want to have to eat T.V. dinners your whole life would you?
I use Betta pellets, frozen baby brine shrimp (which also act as a laxative), and freeze dried blood worms. And I fast them 1 day a week to let their digestive system rest.

I'm still new here myself, and can only offer advice on what I know. I hope this helps and welcome to the forums!
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Location: Canada
Hey there, a ten gallon for your Betta is great! He'll have plenty of room to swim in! It'll be a big upgrade from one to ten gallons, so he might take a few days to adjust. I'll recommend to you a heater (Elite Submersible 50w heater), and a filter (AquaClear 20) with an adjustable flow, Bettas don't like strong currents.

If you're wondering about companions for your Betta, you can visit this sub-forum and make another thread to see what you can stock in that ten gallon. Also you can go ahead and use this app to see what you can stock with your Betta~

Decorations you can put many things in it, if you're worried about a decoration/fake plant that might tear or rip your Betta's fin an easy test is to get some pantyhose, run it over the item and it snags or tears the pantyhose it'll probably snag/tear your Betta's fins too! For cave anything simple is fine, a simple pot or a coffee mug whichever you prefer.

If you choose to go the live plant routes, refer to this thread, it has tons of information about live plants and how to care for them. Although since it seems you're on a budget you might go the alternative routes.

Remember to get water conditioner, I recommend a big jug of water conditioner not one of those small dinky Betta water treatment products, you'll need a lot of water conditioner. Also a variety of food, flakes, pellets, frozen bloodworms, freeze dried products. A diet with variety can make your Betta happier, it's boring to eat the same food every single day.

Be sure to carry some emergency item/medication if your Betta gets sick, it's handy so you don't have to run out of the house just to get some Aqaurium Salt, and Epsom Salt, also keep your small one gallon bowl. It can act as an quarantine tank.

That's pretty much it for caring for a Betta. Don't hesitate to ask us anymore questions, we're always happy to help. Also welcome to the forums~
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Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Kentucky
Thank you, guys. I did take the tree out, it just looked pointy so I would hate to imagine him rubbing up against it and finding tears in his fins. I replaced it with a big leafy plant, and he loves swimming through the leaves. As far as the fasting tip, I did think that was a good idea, and coincidentally, today is his fasting day. Thank you for the links, and thank you for the good advice. And of course, thanks for the welcome, I'll be checking in more to learn more.~
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