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Bellus Bellator
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Unhappy Help!Does BB have fin rot?

I got BB yesterday from the pet store(a rescue case/impulse buy)He was a bit stressed when I got him home but is really happy now.
He has a small amount of black at the tip of his tail,it doesn't look crusty or curled and there's no tearing or fin loss but it's black none the less.I have been observing him for the 36 hours that I have had him and there's been no change to his tail and from what little experience I have with fin rot the disease seems to move at an alarming rate(am I wrong in thinking this?)So I'm really hoping that it's just him but I would love some advice.
He's eating well,currently flakes but I'm getting him pellets in two days.
He lives alone in a 9 gallon tank(8g once you minus the sub-straight)
The water parameters are all perfect.I have checked the levels morning and night and did a 10% water change tonight just to be safe because the tank isn't cycled and I intend upon doing this everyday until it is)
The tank is live plants,a drift wood cave,sponge filter set on low,heater set at 26c/78f (still a work in progress)
I acclimatized him properly taking about 50minutes to do so.
I used stress enzyme to age the water.
He's behaving normally,in fact he's much happier and active compared to my last betta.He already recognizes me and dances for me.Everything about him seems fine save for the nasty black.Help!
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it looks like it might be fin rot or ammonia burn, but im not sure...
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It does look like a smidge of rot. I would be safe then sorry and start treatment on him. Poor guy, just when he thought he was going to be in his bigger home now =( But rather not let it grow worse in time.

1 tsp AQ salt per gallon (pre-dissolved) with your usual water conditioner, 100% daily water changes, 10-14 days. I would put him in a QT container, either a gallon, or less if you can tape it/float it in his tank to keep the temp around 76-78 for treatment. If not, then just a QT container and keep an eye on the temp so it doesn't get too low.
If you see it clearing up and gone before the 10 days, finish out the treatment to make sure it's fully gone. You possibly might see new growth of clear-whitish coloring coming out.

You could also just try to keep up on the water changes, clean water can sometimes work. He isn't bad, but I would keep an eye on him more this way and if you see it getting worse, then do the treatment.
Good luck, he's a good looking guy!

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