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How to set up a tank with live plants ??

I think i need some helps here from those who know how to care about their plants.
I have a extra tank divider for my betta, i can put 10 inside, so it is really a big tank. I don't to add betta inside, i want to set up that tank only for plants but i need to know how to do it.
I think i rather ask here then go do some researchs that make me crazy.
What type of equipments do i need ? How much i am going to spend ??
I am very bad when it come to plant, i have tried few times to keep plants grow green and alive but have always failed. Maybe i have the wrong light, or maybe it is the ph, the heater or the gravel, maybe it is something else.
I saw some really cool set up tank with a lot of plants, green and alive from some kind of plants association from the bay area, grrrrrr make me so jealous.
So, i need your helps here, thank you.
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Its hard to give any exact numbers or price on things since things vary from location to location and not knowing what you currently have on

You want a healthy thriving planted tank.....what size is the tank, what are the stocking plans, what kind of filter do you have, what kind of lights do you have, what kind of substrate do you have or want to much do you have to spend, can you order online or do you have to try to find everything locally.......

Have you done any research.....if need to....

How much experience do you have with aquarium, do you understand the nitrogen cycle, do you have a test kit, what do you want the finale look to be, how much effort do you plan to give to a planted tank...I am asking this so we will know what point to start at.....

Planted tanks are a lot easier than most think-you can go so many direction with have NPT or natural planted tanks that are dirt based-low tech, low light, easy, however, not the best to start out with if you are limited on experience and/or understanding of aquariums (see my album for pic) these are jungle like-disorganized....natural.....
Then you have gravel based planted tanks, plant specific substrate that both work well...these require time and effort to maintain more than the NPT once mature....

Besides the nutrients-proper lighting is the driving force behind a successful planted tank and this if often why some plants fail to thrive and die after time....Substrate is important too-but most plants will do fine in small size gravel provided that you feed them when needed-often the byproduct from the fish and other live stock-along with natural decomp, fish food and water changes will be enough for some plants-but others may need some added nutrients......its a balance.....

We all have to start some place to gain experience and I highly recommend planted tanks-but they do take work in the beginning...some more than

Tell us what your goal is, what you already have, how much you can spend...etc.....also, I want to add-aquarium keeping in general-planted or not...doesn't have to break the bank either...lots of way to get/meet goals with a little time, effort, imagination, experiments, trial and error....the experience will follow-you gain knowledge......and a great hobby....most important....have fun...thats what its all about.....
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