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My 3 biters

I guess with so many fish, odds are I'd have at least 1 biter or 2. But I actually have 3. I'm not surprised about Joey - he's a HM. But I also have Jack - a Delta Tail and Sawyer - a Crowntail! I really didn't think CTs wanted to bite!
Here are recent pics of the 3 of them. I recently moved Sawyer and I'm hoping he will quit since he has new surroundings.
I'm keeping their water clean and warm and trying to entertain them as much as possible. But for some reason these guys can't stay away from their tails!
Joey is the worst - he's been this way since I got him. he was in his shipping box 2 days too long and I think he was tramatized. Its been a couple of months since then. He keeps getting sick too. he's in a hospital tank for the 3rd time.
Anyone have any suggestions? I recently put bottle caps in their tanks to see if they'd want to play with them. Plus they have stones & shells, plants, etc
Pictures in order of Joey, then Jack, then Sawyer
Attached Images
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Sena Hansler
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Oh my!!! Hmm... Each time there is a water change, do you rearrange anything? some bettas stop biting if this is done, others bite when this is done...

Do you interact with them at all? I get mine to jump for food for instance, and Spartan "begs" by looking at me at the side, putting his nose to the top of the water, and looking back at me xD (taught himself that...)
Do you have lots of silk or live plants? caves? crevaces and such?

Something I think I saw before, was a maze. making a maze for them :) This keeps them entertained, but not sure how to make one so can't help ya other than the thought!

Sometimes, bettas can bite if: stressed, bored, tail is too long/heavy, sick... Do you know what the one betta keeps getting sick with? And how often are the water changes? Also some bettas are picky little buggers... One betta I have MUST be in anything over 5 gallons or he'll get stressed which can cause tail biting. Another has to be in something under 5 gallons because he'll tail bite...
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