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Originally Posted by Myates View Post
+1 @ Luimeril
hehe. thanks. because of Dante, i learned alot about tail biting, how to stop it(it was HARD to get him to stop!), and Cup, Archfiend(my brother's red dragon delta), and Dante all taught me how to heal ripped/bitten fins. Archie was a chronic tail biter, and NEVER stopped. ever. couldn't get him to stop. don't even know if he was a delta, or a halfmoon, because he never let it grow back out!
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[quote=Myates;854501]Welcome to the forum, and sorry to hear you have a tailbiter. Those guys are hard to break of the habit. Moving him might help some, otherwise it may be a constant battle with him and keeping his water clean to avoid fin rot.
One thing I noticed in your first post, you mentioned you needed to go out and get water for a water change... what water are you using? Anything but tap water is actually bad for them.. they lack nutrients and minerals needed that the filter system for spring and distilled water takes out. It's always best to use tap water with water conditioner/dechlorinator. I know some store employees (grr) say to use distilled, and the cups at Walmart says spring water.. but those should not be used unless needed for specific balancing of parts of the chemistry and even then you only use a little bit.
Sorry if I read what you said wrong.. but just making sure!

Adding in AQ salt won't help the biting, and it won't help the healing since AQ salt can actually hamper the growth of the fin.. some may use it as a way of prevention.. but the best prevention is just clean water with water conditioner. If you want fin regrowth, Stress Coat is what you are after. You can either use it just as your primary conditioner, or you can add in a few drops along side of your conditioner. No need to put the extra stress and daily water changes for biting of the fins.. You don't want to use AQ salt unless you are using it as a treatment, it can cause problems for the fish's health long term, and he and the bacteria in the tank will become immune to the beneficial properties it does have if over exposed. So unless treating for rot, ich, etc.. it's not recommended to put in the tank.[quote]
I didn't know using spring water was bad, I've been using it for years and never had a problem with it. I also use it because I live with my fiance's parents house and we have TERRIBLE city water. (It's always on a constant boil alert) And I'll deffinately look at getting that Stress Coat stuff. Do they sell that at Wal-Mart because there are NO pet stores around here.
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Originally Posted by Luimeril View Post
tail biting is getting more and more common. it's often caused by stress, boredom, or the weight of the tail. to stop it, you need to figure out WHY he's doing it.

is he an Halfmoon? they sometimes bite because their tails are too big.

can he see his reflection all the time, or another betta all the time? the stress from that, can cause them to bite their own tails out of frustration.

is there a current in his tank? sometimes, the current can stress them out if they have longer tails, and they'll bite it to relieve themselves of that stress.

are there lots of decorations in his tank? if there's too few decorations, he may be bored, and bite his tail to give him something to do(i had a delta who was like this.)

his tail WILL grow back, but it'll take time, and won't if you don't figure out the cause and put a stop to it. often, the simple act of giving him more decorations will stop it. my own delta, Dante, did it out of boredom. so, i gave him LOTS of plants, and he stopped it. if you want his tail to grow back a little faster, and better, get some Indian Almond Leaves. The tannins in them, help their tails grow back a little faster. i'm not sure HOW much faster, but it does help them grow back faster.
Mine's the Halfmoon but the one having the problem is a Double. They're both just in bowls so there is no current and I have them no where near each other. I read up on tail biting and got him a big ship wreck thing that he could hide in and his tail doesn't look like it's getting any worse. I can get any of my fish anything fancy because my fiance and I are now living paycheck to paycheck, so any cheap alternitives would be very helpful!
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