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Confused on Fin Rot

I thought I was doing pretty well on tank care but my betta got a fast case of Fin Rot. I put him in a hospital tank and he cleared right up (Shockingly fast)

During this time I thoroughly cleaned his tank (It does have life plants, filter, heater)

I put him back in his own tank when he was healed.. and the next day it's deteoriating again. I assume this means there is something wrong with my tank. What is the most likely cultprit?

I'm preparing his hospital tank again... but I would rather fix the main tank's problem.
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It could be that the clean water helped him when you initially put him in QT, and if you didn't do daily 100% water changes while in the hospital tank, it may of continued.

(Make sure it is rot - black edging of the fins, crusty/flaky/shredding. If it looks like a C or a sideways U, it may be him tail biting which is common. Also make sure there are no sharp or pointy plants in his tank, even tiny points.)

If it looks like the pictures below you will want to start an AQ salt treatment. Unfortunately, he will need to go back into his hospital tank, as AQ salt can harm/kill any live plants in the tank.

1 teaspoon per gallon (dissolve before adding fish with it), with full dose of water conditioner. 100% daily water changes for 10-14 days.

If there is no black edging then he is tailbiting and they do that for any number of reasons. Boredom, stress, fins feel heavy. If the filters isn't set on low, or baffled, it could cause him to have to swim harder, which will sometimes make them bite off their fins as to not drag so much.

You said live plants, but if you have any plastic look at them to make sure there aren't any with points on them, or sharp in any way for the fish to snag them on. Even the bushier ones with tiny points are notorious for ripping their fins.

Other then that.. if you can get a picture up so we can varify whether it's rot or something else, it would be helpful. =)
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I have been doing 100% daily water changes since he was in the hospital. In the Larger tank i've been doing daily 50%... So I don't think it's the cleanliness of the water going in. Also, Positive it's not tail-biting or getting torn I can see it literally deteriorating and thinning.

So I know it's something in my tank (I am setting up his hospital again, and yes, I put aquarium salt in there) ... but I don't know what would be wrong with my tank.
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How about you post a picture of the big tank? Do you have anything in there that you maybe didn't get from a petstore as decoration? Weird rocks or gravel? Etc?
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Everything I have has come from a petstore. Also, it seems new, he wasn't doing this before (I've had him since Mid summer)

The gravel is Folate (I think that's what it's called, red gravel ish. One plant is java moss, the other is a grassy-plant that I am unsure what it's called.

Is there a way to clean everything to be more sure it's good? Particularly the plants and gravel. Also, pehaps my filter got something bad in it - Is it possible to clean the filter without destorying the cycle?

I do not have a camera, so the best I have is my laptop webcam - I was unable to get a picture that I thought would do any good.
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Old 10-17-2011, 10:04 AM   #6 
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I suggest you to fill Indian Almond Leaves (IAL) when you change water, It will make water good condition for your fish .(Many Betta gurus in Thailand use it when change water)

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