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Sena Hansler
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Sasuke! My new addition.

Okay, so some of you may know my friend rescued a red betta, and he was having problems so I took him home to help him out. I think he is... 2 years? Give or take. He's been through lots! He's had a bad home, complete with dumped food, 4 guppies and a catfish in a never cleaned 29 gallon... Unfortunately he is the only survivor.
Now, he has fin rot - but it's going away, and his Raghu strips of fins are healing! The ammonia burns are healing, and will just add to his many ammonia scars :( he has a permanent SBD problem...

So, a couple questions :) I do have a breeder's net... Obviously I won't use it in any of my male's tanks!

1.But I do not know if it's okay to float him in my 20 gallon that has a Cory cat (he'll get some buds eventually), 4 balloon mollies and 5 female bettas. Will it stress the girls/him out? He's mild to everything. But me. -.-
2. I'm going to see if he'll be fine without Epsom. I was told he could stay in .5 tsp per gallon if needed. If he is okay, should I do an occasional Epsom bath? Will it help him at all?

3. I don't know what to feed him! I've fed him a small piece of mealworm meat (fresh, not freeze dried), freeze-dried bloodworm soaked, flake, pellet... Everything makes his SBD worse somehow o.O can I use... Tubifex worms? Or something?? And I have no idea if I'd have to feed him once every two days or what >< I don't want him getting sick.

Any suggestions are awesome :) sorry for the longish post.
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The epsom salt would only help if he's bloated. It acts as a laxative and reduces swelling.

I would put him in his own tank if you can. I would worry about him jumping into the 20, the female jumping into the 20, or he or the female becoming stressed.

Try daphnia for the SBD - maybe it can help.
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Sena Hansler
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Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: CANADA
Well he can't jump >< lol. He tries. He doesn't seem to care about anything, except he hates me D: lol! And yeah was wondering about the stress factor... Also, daphnia... Could I get it in a chain store? I am going to the city 22nd hopefully. If I can it'll be nice :) I've given him some baby food (Nutrafin MAX for fry) and it hasn't had a bad effect but I don't wanna feed him baby food!!! Lol!

Edit: I am going downtown today. I will see if they have any tanks in the second hand stores. Sometimes they do!! I don't have any extra tanks... If he does get his own tank it'll be under 5 gallons with many plants for him to rest on :) NO floating plants.
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