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Old 10-11-2011, 03:30 PM   #1 
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Halfmoon Tail Problem

I have question about halfmoon tail. I have 3 of them, in 8L fish tank each. Seems healthy, never had any disease or so.

But i notice somehow their tail always seems ruined, jagged* , teared or some sort. I'm not sure why its happen, i dont have any metal decoration. Just 1 plan potted, 1 floating one and gravel. Is it seems normal for halfmoon ? Because first time i got these fish, their fin seems fine.
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yeah HM tend to be notorious tail bitters... idk why but thats what i was told form another forum before i got my HM that turned out to be a delta (whi stated to tail bite today ugh)
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mine doesnt have that issue
-try to avoid some plastic plants, if they can snag panty hose they can tear your fishes fins.
-if the fins have black on the edges it is probably fin rot and needs to be medicated.
-with torn fins the best way to heal them is do frequent water changes.
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Hi Nakal :)

It comes down to stress and/or boredom also.

My little dude is a HM and never tail bites, he lives in a 6g tank (23L) with live plants and driftwood. He quite enjoys swimming around, rarely stopping.

Lately he has become extremely active and hyper, and it has started to cause tears along the length of his rear fin. I'm thinking it may be because he is maintaining a bubblenest - usually he just abandones them.

Keep the water as clean as possible, if you notice fin rot treat accordingly using AQ salt, but make sure you take the live plants out beforehand.
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Old 10-17-2011, 06:40 AM   #5 
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HM tail very easy to tear from many reasons, Stress is very important reason because your bettas will bite it tail when stress and stress will make it sad ,anciety .this reason will make HM tail to be bad shape , Thai betta gurus use Indian Almond Leaf (IAL) fill in water to prevent stress.

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