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ok, so i see the bubble-thingies in the stores and they're pretty cool lookin'.. they'd probably annoy the heck out of my kids, but i'm curious.. would they help alleviate algae? moss balls don't seem to work like they should (how often should i rinse those things out?), and Zen and Louie would kill anything else.. and i thought i remember reading somewhere that bubble curtains (or bubbles in general) help complicate the growth of algae. i just cleaned Zen's tank from top to bottom two weeks ago, and already there's hair algae all over the place!
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Hi Echo, bubbles would oxygenate the water, probably increasing the spread of algae I believe.
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i wouldn't put a bubbler in any kind of betta environment .. all bubblers will cause surface movement which would take away betta's instinct to make bubble nest since it will make the environment not favorable for a bubble nest .. also when bettas come up to the suface to breath .. i'm sure they don't want to fight the water movement just to get a gulp of air ..

also .. there isn't a correlation between bubbles and algae growth .. as i have 5 tanks .. 1 of them has a bubble wall (not a betta tank) and that tank is the only tank that has algae that grows in it .. but .. i know the reason is because that tank is also the only tank that get's the most light throughout the day .. not because of the bubble wall ..

also .. marimo balls are not a cure all for algae .. yes marimo ball is algae in ball form and eats nutrients to prevent other algae's from forming .. but it will depend on how many marimo balls you have and how big of a tank you got .. 1 marimo ball is not gonna do much in a 10 g tank ..

marimo ball maintenance is to rinse squeeze and roll during each water change ..
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Some use bubblers in their betta tank, if it is strong, they use a valve to lower the amount of air being pushed through the tubing. A 2-way gang valve would work, possibly a T valve. Some poke holes in the tubing until the desired amount of air is going through. I'd look it up to see first. Just as long as it's not disrupting the whole surface of the tank.. but in a 10 gal, you could easily put it to one side and leave the other side unaffected if it's a small pump or you lessen the air flow, then it would work. Some bettas enjoy playing in the bubbles. Just wouldn't suggest using the clamp method as it can cause back pressure.
Good luck!
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I have a really tiny bubbler that I occasionally put in my Betta's tank as a toy. He likes to sit in the stream, then he gulps bubbles, flares, then floats backwards and up to the surface, take a breath, repeat til I remove the bubbles. Not too sure if his eating all the bubbles are very good for him and he seems to love it. When he sees the tube he zips around his tank and waits for the bubbles to arrive.
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i have my four boys in 5 gallon tanks and my girl in a 3 gallon. her tank's lamp became a hazard, so i removed it and keep an eco-lamp on next to her tank instead (and that's the side the algae loves.. gee, go figure). i have a mossball in her tank, one in Simon's and one in Louie's and they don't seem to make much difference at all. actually, Louie's tank gets hit worse than Kido's. i do not want to use the chemical algae remover in any of my tanks, so that's not an option.
i'm going to pick up a few more Amanos today.. i'll try 'em in with Simon and Roxie, since those two are the most laid back of the five. when the algae's tamed down, i'll swap tanks. change of scenery for the kids and safer for the shrimp.
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