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Raising brine shrimp?

This isn't a strictly breeding related question, as I'm not breeding. But I know people hatch brine shrimp for fry, so I'm hoping this is a good spot to post...

Today I went to a fish store. They had brine shrimp. Brine shrimp are a.) Delicious food for fishes that is alive, and b.) VERY CUTE.. Since I sadly just lost one of my fish, I do have room in my 10 gallon for the boy who's currently stuck in my 2.5 gallon that's heated.

So now I am wondering to myself if I could keep the 2.5 and hopefully grow a little colony of cute pets/live food in it? I've got a heater, and some sand and a fake plant. I think it would be nice, and (HOPEFULLY) the little guys would breed so I wouldn't have to run out for me brine shrimp every few weeks or something. And advice on how to keep/grow/raise them and create a breeding population?
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Sea monkeys are pretty much the same thing as brine shrimp, they just are a little bigger. I think a different sub species or something. I had a colony of sea monkeys going for 3 years! :) They are fun and easy! Eventually I didn't have the time for them, so I separated the colonies and gave them to friends.

Pretty much just keep them warm and feed them.. :) They will breed if they have enough food and warmth. I didn't even have a heater for my sea monkeys, they just sat in the window where all sorts of yummy algae grew for them to eat and they still bred like crazy. I eventually had a few thousand at one point in separate containers. LOL I didn't even have fish to feed them to, I just enjoyed them. Love seeing little wiggly babies!

The warmer they are, the faster they grow and hatch and the more food they have, the more likely they are to breed! But personally I don't like going as hot as some people like to go, it seems to shorten their lifespans. They hatch faster, but live less I think.
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Join Date: Oct 2010
Well I was just asking since I've got the little 2.5 + heater which keeps the tank at a nice 78. It seems like the salt + feeding them is the most difficult bit-- since I can't produce algae at the drop of a hat. I just think it would be fun to have a neat little colony... and every few weeks suck up some big guys >> And give my fish tasty, engaging snacks.
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