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My adventure with bettas thus far

I have been a long time lurker :) but it is my first actual post here. I thought I would share my betta story with you, since the last couple of months have been an rollercoaster with his fin problems. So here it goes:
In february 2014 I have bought a tank, 25l (6,6g) and 3 endler guppies. I wasn't sure how cycling worked at the time, since my knowledge was scarce, but I red somewhere that you should change about 50% water every 3 days for the first month. Then after 30% + cleaning the filter media in old water. It sounds simple, but it worked for me, since the guppies were going strong.
At the beginning of June, I had bought Pies he is multicolour veiltail boy, he was still young since his fins looked more like that of a spade tail, but I'm sure he is just an regular veiltail. My problems started almost immediately. He started to get a lot of blowouts in his fins, and he started to gradually lose his fins. I thought that the guppies were at fault and gave them up for adoption. Unfortunately, things got even worse. Pies lost all his colours and was overall lethargic, he still ate but nothing much besides that (he swam together with guppies previously). The worst thing was his fins did not get any better. I started to cure him for fin rot, even though there was no sign of it. He sat two weeks straight in an 2,5l(0,5g) container and his water was changed everyday with proper acclimation. It did nothing, he was still looking like poor excuse of a crowntail. After 2 weeks I started to treat him with AQ salt fpr 10 days straight, 1tsp per gallon. It also did not help.
This is how he looked like in december:

Then I moved out to a different part of the city, to a newer building, and bought him a friend. After just 20 days he looks like completely different fish.

I regret that I could not afford proper liquid test kit to test the water, but my guess would be that the hardness and alkanity were otherworldly. I'm glad he's on the path of recovery, I got very attached to him, he is very lively and sociable fish, he doesn't like being alone. I have even taught him to eat from my finger :) so he isn't afraid of touch. Thank you for reading :)
My tank currently:

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Old 01-19-2015, 01:51 PM   #2 
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Location: British Columbia
what a difference! and his tank is beautiful.
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That's beautiful, props to you and Pies :)
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I'm glad he's doing better!
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Thank you guys :) I'm glad that he's finally doing ok
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Oh, what a beautiful fish! And his tank is perfect. <3
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Your tank looks very nice! what'd you end up getting him for a friend?
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Old 01-19-2015, 07:27 PM   #8 
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Wow what an improvement. Good job
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I bought 5 celestial danios, sadly 3 of them wasted and one got severe dropsy during quarantine, only one of them actually survived. It turned out whole tank in the fish store was infected and they appear quite sporadically, so I haven't gotten chance to buy more. He doesn't appear to be stressed by being alone, he swims around the whole tank and stays closely to Pies. I also have 2 apple snails and one single bamboo shrimp. I know those shrimps should be in bigger tanks, but I have him since may. The main problem for them in small tanks is getting enough food, which doesn't seem to be a problem since he doesn't leave his favorite spot near the filter output. (when they can't get enough food from filtering water they start to dig in the gravel)
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