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Originally Posted by caitic10 View Post
Goldfish need 20 gallons per fish. So one goldfish, 20 gallons, two goldfish, 40 gallons. They may look small in the petstore but when healthy GROW!!!

Goldfish will die in heated water. And bettas need heated bettas and goldfish should NEVER be kept together.
just to add to this .. goldfish roughly need 3-4g per inch of fish .. this is how u determine when to upgrade ur tank .. u can keep 1 baby goldfish in a 10g tank if he is only 1 inch big .. but as he grows out of his tank you HAVE to upgrade .. there's no if and or buts you HAVE to or else they will die and be very sick and lethargic if they don't have enough space .. also goldfish need need 2x the filtration per gallon of water .. so if u have a 10g tank .. u need a 20g filter ..

in adult stages fancy goldfish need 20g for the 1st fish .. 15 for each additional fancy goldfish

in adult stages common and comet goldfish need 30g for the 1st fish and 20g each additional fish

koi goldfish (which can grow to be huge .. 2feet at least to even more) .. should never be in a tank (even if it's 70-100g) ... they thrive in pond environments
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Nope. Too much of a temperature difference. And bettas will attack the goldies :(
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i went to the LPS near my parents house today. they have so many 5g tanks to hold all the fish for sale (all species). i knew 1 tank had a betta with 14 goldfish. i looked even closer and found 3 other tanks with similar stocking of goldfish and 1 betta. my question is whats the lesser of the 2 evils? keeping a betta in a 5g with a bunch of goldfish or keeping them seperately in mason jars until they're sold to customers. all 4 betta had some tail biting but 2 were worse off.

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My LFS keeps his bettas in the goldie tanks, but only when the inhabitans can co-exist peacefully. Temperature-wise, they are all in a fishroom where the average water temperature is around 76F, so it wouldn't be ideal for the goldies anyway. Also, he doesn't massively overstock the way so many petshops do, so his bettas aren't that stressed. :)
At home, definitely not a good idea.
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