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Sena Hansler
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Exclamation Betta from (dropsy infested?) pet store tank

Okay first the tank had 2 overly swollen balloon mollies. Since I've owned balloon mollies I can safely say NO balloon Molly can swell that big. All but a couple platys were also heavily swollen. The betta, which I now have doesn't show any signs of dropsy or SBD or anything. Hopefully he doesn't at all.

I almost went for the mouth fungus betta, but he had already progressed to having heavy sores on his sides plus was feeble in swimming. :(((( I went for him instead. Next I'm going back for the spotted fella who has a layer of (barely can see it) fuzz on his back... If he is still there.

Anyways about the betta. Scales heavily missing on both sides of his face, fin rot is a definite, with his fins getting holes and are wearing away. His dorsal fin is missing huge pieces from rot. That's the extent of what he has :) I'm hoping clean water and good food will keep away possible ich (95% of their betta shipment has ich). What do I do if dropsy appears? What are sutble signs? In this town parasite and fungal medications don't exist. I've got Epsom and AQ salt.

This store is the rescue store now. Any bettas I want to breed will be from the city or bought over seas. That store thanks to how terrible their bettas are received and cared for...
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Reference Team
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If a lot of fish had it, it was probably caused by a bacterial infection brought on by either stress, overcrowding or poor water quality.

Clean water and lots of high-protein foods should hopefully kick-start his immune system and lessen the chance of him becoming ill. A combination of IAL extract and aquarium salt should encourage regrowth of his fins and help hinder further infection.

Dropsy is basically caused by organ failure. It's the kidneys starting to shut down, which is why once they reach the pineconing stage it is very difficult to successfully treat. Ideally, you would you some kind of anti-bacterial if symptoms presented, but high doses of epsom salt sometimes help draw out the fluids.
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Sena Hansler
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Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: CANADA
Okay :) Epsom if needed!! Thought he needed help :) mind as well get him into a clean and safer environment! That tank was terribly cloudy might I add. Not the "good bacteria blooming" I mean filth cloudy :/ there were... 15 Platy, a betta and 2 balloon mollies in what I think is a 20... That's super over stocked and I know that! Maybe dropsy is from that?
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