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Little Frog and Greedy Toad

My sister decided to get some bettas shortly after my graduation from Petsmart. She got a skinny, little female and an atrophied male on May 25 of this year.

The little girl had a gill and mouth deformity. she had trouble eating regular sized pellets, but was feisty once she managed to get some food in her. She was named Frog a few days afterwards by two of the kids my sister babysat at the time.

In the time we had Frog, she showed that she had a fiery personality and was quite sassy. Anything that fell in the tank was fair game for exploration (And a few nips). she enjoyed playing in the filter current and exploring her terra cotta cup and live plants. She flared at her tank mate from across the divider and was positively irate about him coming near her.

She also showed us that she had a terrible weakness. She would get sick so easily. She had parasites multiple times and fungus issues occasionally. Unfortunately, it was the parasites that got her in the end. she passed on September 15 after 2 in the morning. She fought valiantly and gave it her absolute best, but looked to pass peacefully.

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Location: Lake Havasu, Arizona
Frog's tank mate, at least for a little while, was an atrophied male veil tail. He always had an appetite and a huge mouth to match. when Frog barely managed a pellet each meal, he would down four at once.

Toad, as he was named, wasn't much of a fighter, so to say. He would get upset that he could see Frog through the divider, but he never really got too mad. He never really cared for flaring at other males either. His passion was food. He would do anything for it.

He never really got sick, with the exception of a bout or two of ick followed by fin rot. This never got to him though. He always had his appetite and was healed up very quickly. He grew more and more in our care and blossomed in color. He went from being pale to being dark red.

Eventually, our uncle wanted to have a pet. We volunteered to give him Toad, since Toad seemed absolutely indestructible and was incredibly personable. Toad was the perfect first betta. He was healthy and active. He would dance when you looked to him and enjoyed watching what you were doing.

We prepared our uncle with the right tank, gravel, decorations, and water conditioner as well as knowledge. We were there should help be needed or Toad become ill. Unfortunately, our uncle didn't know how to distinguish if anything was wrong with Toad despite being told and shown what to look for (He's not the best with memory).

At first, Toad blossomed more in our uncle's care. He grew even more and became a darker red. He blew bubble nests and enjoyed the attention of our uncle. Unfortunately, after the addition of a bamboo stalk to his tank without quarantine, Toad became ill. His side swelled, he sat almost vertical, and his tail began to rot away. Our uncle didn't notice anything wrong and didn't tell us of any change in Toad. It wasn't until we went to check on Toad one night that we saw what was truly wrong and immediately took him to our house for care.

Toad went through clean water and epsom salt, parasite treatment, and maracyn 2. All through this, he is still interested in eating and fighting through. Despite these medications and treatments, he has not improved. He will be put down in just a few hours because we deem it cruel to keep him int he condition he is in without improvement.

Toad has a fiery spirit as well. He wants to fight, but I don't think he knows how bad he truly is. He's been a wonderful boy and an easy to care for betta. He is truly a wonderful boy with wonderful personality, and it will be very sad to see him go for good.

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poor little things! they were both so beautiful! Frog reminds me alot of my girl.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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