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Yes..... wild breeds can be found there
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Shallow is definitely acceptable... Julep is a million times happier in his 2.5 now that the water is lowered half way and doesn't have a filter going. But he's still small and has ample swimming space with the water quality kept high and clean!

A 10 gallon lowered to 6-8 inches of water would make a betta extremely happy... But a .5 bowl? Nope!

Good job educating!
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I think a lot of people hear the "tiny spaces" myth, and it is true, but there are three massive problems.
- Not all betta habitats are tiny spaces; some are found in areas as large as longs and rice paddies.
- The ones that are found in tiny ponds are connected to a massive ecosystem, usually as part of a river. Shallow, sludgy and full of decaying organic matter is not bad. You can't replicate that in a small tank.
- The ones that are found in spaces like hoofprints have been washed there and then stranded when flood water receded. They weren't born there and they certainly don't thrive there - why else would they use those amazing jumping abilities to try and get away?

When people tell their employees the mud puddle story, they ought to give them all the details, not just bits of it.
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They would have to know the whole details, not just bits of it >.>

found a 'smart employe who likes to keep them in at least a gallon (I know, but all their kits are .5) they like it warm, and changes their water twice a week, 50 and 100% I was so thrilled. OF course this same person has a 55gal with a male in it (don't know about anything else). Got to educate her on sororities a bit, and even in a 55g males and females are a bad bad idea.
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