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Originally Posted by bastage View Post
The choice she made was to not eat the byproducts of any animal that was mistreated... That ends up being vegan with very very few exceptions. The 1st time she had the eggs I gave her was the 1st she had in 3 years.. She was simply opposed to the treatment of production animals..
Oh, that makes sense. I wonder if she got any harsh words from people who act like they know more :/ Personally, I don't care what anyone eats. Everyone is unique and diverse and has their own set of rules.

Originally Posted by Bombalurina View Post
Although I'm not a vegetarian now (I live at home and since we eat as a family, I eat what they eat), we always choose the most ethical meat we can. However, when I leave home I plant to become vegetarian. Best case scenario (if I have a garden), I am going to get chickens so I can have truly free-range eggs, because I have seen what "free range" from super markets really is, and it's not much better than battery.
When I'm a millionaire I will have a smallholding with a cow or goat, so I can have my own milk, too. :)
Aah, dreams. :p
Gardening is SO easy!!! Wven if your climate does not support certain foods you can always use your basement! My neighbor grows all her own food in the backyard and only buys local for the things she needs. Every year she hosts a "Eat local-garden" feast or something and it's a totally open house and she takes people through to her garden and talkes and oh my goodness I just love her. She's a nurse and goes to places like India and Africa a lot. Such an angel/role model.

MY other neighbor has chickens- bc here in our city it's legal to keep 3 with certain conditions. And she gives us eggs from them and we can play with them. They're very social animals!! I'm not sure the breed of one of them (black/white like pepper) and her name is Portle. Portle acts like a cat and she has been found wandering the street chasing the cats. I love chickens so much!!
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PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)
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When I first started with vegetarianism over 5 years ago I supported Peta but I realized they're really radical. They have good intensions but some of their statements are bizarre. I don't find anything wrong with petkeeping if you do it correctly but I hate animal cruelty and that includes ALL animals...even the ones most people don't care about like chickens, cows and pigs. I will never touch meat again.
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I made a cute little Sea Kitten with lipstick and a tiara. I named it Lunch.

I think any organization that says "Your dog or cat might very well thrive on a vegetarian diet" is out of touch with reality.
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Originally Posted by HatsuneMiku View Post
oh sorrie laki .. i wasn't directing my vegan dog food question at you .. it was from the iams site .. and i really didn't know dogs could be healthy and happy on such a diet .. since i always thought that dogs naturally eat meat .. since my doggie never eats any veggies >.<

Well.. Its like Bettas can live in a rediculously tiny bowl, but are they happy and healthy? No. In all honesty, a dog can not live on a vegetarian only diet and be happy and healthy. They can live on such a diet, but I doubt you will have a healthy dog that is capable of even playing fetch for more than a minute. It has to be absolutely necessary, for the dogs health, if he is only eating a veggie diet. Their digestive system is still surprisingly very similar to their carnivorous cousins, wolves. My dog eats his dog food from Blue Buffalo, but anytime I have veggies, especially things like carrots. I give him veggies whenever I have some to share (his favorite is carrots) because its really healthy for them to have both. (grapes and rasins are toxic to dogs and any fruit with seeds can cause serious digestive problems)
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