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Sena Hansler
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Wink My Entertaining Betta's's's Compatabilties :D

Spartan: doesn't care as long as he gets his food and the fish/critter doesn't nom on him or bump him. If he weren't older (3 in February) or have that tumor I'd give him some mellow buds. But for now, only snails :) he used to be in with balloon mollies, male and female guppies, leopard danios, apple snail, minnows (temporary thing), regular mollies, and tetras.

Voldemort: he acts tough. He's really a wimp - who can jump high. He'd pick on the little guys (small snails, shrimp) so he'd have to be with equal sized mild mannered fishies and possibly larger snails.

Maine: an escape artist who has to be 100% by himself. No anythings for him!

Sasuke: he's a definite meanie. Anything inanimate gets bullied in his container other than rocks and plants (an accidental drop of a food container cap). And chronic SBD makes him a perma-loner anyways.

Crayola: anything goes, as long as it doesn't attack him. No shrimp (mmm shrimp)

Shiloh: new, and afraid of movement. Was in with aggressive fish at store, and the damage is done. I'll deem him a loner fish, because of that, and no snail because he shows he is a bully. XD

Ghengis Khan: a butterfly betta, beats himself up in stress. No fin nipping, a lot of head ramming. I think he'll be okay with snails.. Maybe shrimp. Too early to tell!

Reggie: was with aggressive fish in store and has no fins. No fish. I won't stress him :) he's super duper mellow so maybe snails... Possible shrimp!

I love how bettas are so diverse... I've noticed people askin if their particular betta would be okay with otos, or plecos, or shrimp, or snails... As you can see it depends.
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Why'd you rehome Crayola? D: Was mah favourite
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pyro fiend
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i must agree on the diversity. cause iv seen a betta my buddy has he has him in a 180g with 2 commet goldies and a big blue giant [forget type] betta with a heater ofc. the commets r like 14in and leave him be and he just runs around and plays with them. but iv also seen bettas tht r like 2 in picking on 5+in fish like plecos. some r skittish and runs when you blink like mine i dont believe hell ever have mates. then you got those who can ger along with anything and super social.

just proves bettas hav personalities and feelings too <3
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Sena Hansler
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bahamut sorry!!! I loved him too, but I have my friend's betta - who needs better care than she could give (chronic SBD, fin rot, ammonia burns from owner before her), and in return she had a choice between three of my males: Maine, Crayola and Voldemort... She chose Crayola because he is pretty good with other fish.

Pyro Fiend, I know right? :)

To add to my betta list!

Nemphis: very good with non-flowy-fin-fish. But right now in quarantine to get better! Came from a dropsy infested tank, and I believe he does NOT have it.

El Dorado: Good with any fish, very mellow around them. As long as he gets his food he is chillin' with the fishes.
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