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Question I want more, but dont want to upset my baby girl...

So i currently have one female Betta in a 10 gallon tank. I have been reading about sororities and id love to save a few more fish. BUT i dont want to upset my Violet. Shes been in her 10 gallon for like 2 weeks and still gets stress stripes. They go away at night and then about mid day she gets them back. If any one can answer that, that would be great. But should i just let her be in that tank and not add some sisters for her...? Shes a really happy fish, constantly on the move, she did flare when i gave her a mirror... but that was the only time. Im totally in love with this fish so it would break me if she died... So i guess what im asking is would u do it...???
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to make the stress stripes go away, just feed her twice what you normally do. A full fish is a happy fish . (But don't let her have more than 10 pellets a day, and make sure they're the small betta bites kind, not the giant goldfish ones).

I've heard it's really hard to start a sorority. Do your research and you should be okay, but make sure you have a place to put a couple of girls if they won't cooperate.
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I wouldn't start a sorority with one female and then add others in. It could be pretty risky. I'd only start with a bunch of girls already totally used to being together. I got all my girls from a petshop where all the females were in one tank, then travelled home in one bag.
As for the stress stripes, give her time. My girls have been home 11 days now and a few of them still show some faint stripes, even though they have gone from skinny, starving little waifs to chubby princesses! :p

If you would like some tank mates for her, I would get some pygmy cories. Cute, tiny, highly unlikely to bother your girl, too small to be seen as a threat (unless she is one of those psycho murderers) and would fill in the empty space. :) I just think adding in new girls would stress her out.
If you do try it, plant or decorate your tank as densely as possible and have backup tanks for all the girls.
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