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NEWBIES! updated pictures- bought from Cajun Betta

Well, I havent been on in a while, its been a bad month, I lost Tihs, my first ever betta and the start of my addiction and then my crazy feral dog Punk, got it in her head to jump on a shelf by my 5 gallon tank, knock the lid of and procede to pull out the decorations (the divider included!)
Needless to say,the occupants, Chile and King, got into a fight, while Chile looked the worst, I found King hiding in the back.... Chile's fins are growing back fast, but King has started tailbiting :(
My Crowntail, Hercules, who has had issues with swimming since day one has had NO improvements, he spends most of his time on his side at the top of the tank or wedged between a deoration and the glass... (I will have a post in emergancies on him in a bit)
Oh, and my "baby", Flag, who I suspect is a roundtail, has been having trouble swimming in his 3 gallon (his tail is dragging hm down) so I may have to down grade him to a shallower tank :(

But, the purpose of this post

I fnally got a chance to get more pictures of Ender, Echo, and Merle, the three amigos (Newbies) I purchased from Cajun

and Beowulf, my mustardgas VT was kind enough to help me out wth seeing if any would flare (only got to Ender and Echo before Beowulf called it quits)
The outcome as surprising....

Ender "poofed" up a bit (widened his fins) but "he" did not flare at all (still has egg dot)

on the other side... my biggest and most colorful betta, Echo, FLARED! (also has eggspot) after that Beowulf called it quits


First up:

SO hard to get pictures of!!! he is SO tiny and quick

(Beowulf is in all of his pictures)



Showing off for Beowulf <3

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