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King bettas?

Hey all, as some of you may know I was having trouble diagnosing my betta...unfortunatly help did not come soon enough and he died two days ago. I am still not sure what was wrong with him...nothing I did seemed to help him in anyway. Best I can come up with is that he was already sick and conditions were just right to "activate" the illness. My cory cats seem to be fine...nothing unusual with them in anyway, so it had to be something wrong with him. I am at a loss without a betta and am starting to look into a new one, I just cant go without having one of those little guys in my tank...I am sure some of you understand exactly what I mean. I most likely will not be getting a fish until the end of next week, but I would like some information if i can get it.

I am looking into a King Betta, does anyone have one? If anyone owns one of these, would you mind telling me a little about them? Size, agressiveness, ect. A King Betta is a new breed for me, I have heard very little about them. I assume since they are part of the betta family that the care does not change (same water temps, pH, ect.), and if anyone knows which stores sell them I would greatly appreciate it.

One other thing, my tank is already cycled and balanced with two cory cats in it at the moment. What is the best way to introduce the new betta to the tank without stressing him?

Thanks for any information in advance.
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King bettas need at least double what a normal betta needs, probably more like triple. Think 10 gallons for just the one fish. They can either be gentle giants, or super aggressive, just like any other betta really. They are just able to do a lot more damage in a shorter amount of time if they want to do so.

Also, only 2 cory cats is not enough. They need to be in groups of at least 3, but 5+ is much better for their overall happiness and for natural behaviors. You could easily have 5 and one normal sized betta in a 10 gallon tank, but no other fish (maybe shrimp?).

I personally like to acclimate my bettas by just floating them in the cup they came in in the tank overnight before putting them in the tank. That way they have a really good chance to get used to the temperature difference, especially because they have probably been kept cold for quite a while.

I am sorry about your former boy. Good luck with whatever boy (or girl!) you end up getting!
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I am planning on getting atleast 3 more corys (I have a 10 gallon tank). I had 4 originally but all 4 had ick and only 2 of them sruvived treatment (you know how that goes). I plan on getting 3-4 more when i get the new betta, I need an algea eater as well, any ideas? Someone told me a chinese algea eater would work, but I heard they can be a little picky about tank mates, I have not had much luck with plecostumuses, atleast not the small ones that you would normally find at a standard fish store. I have not been able to find one bigger than 2-3 inches and they dont seem very healthy.

Thanks for the advice on the king bettas, ill be sure to post pictures of the new fish when I get him :)
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King bettas are giant bettas that were given that name by petco. They are usually slightly smaller than true giants and get up to about 3 inches in size, head to end of tail, but are about 3x as wide as normal fish. Most of the king bettas petco has are "wild colored" black with red, blue, green, or a mixture of those colors, although sometimes they do get in better colors. I have one giant who is extremely docile, and another who is extremely aggressive. There are no noticeable personality differences due to size. Sorry about your last betta...better luck this time. I am treating a sick giant female right now.
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