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Female Betta Information Please. (:

so, i just got a new female yesterday, and she's doing fine. (: she's in a temporary 1 gallon, which will later on be upgraded to a 2.5 gal in a couple months.

i just need a bit more information on females.
-what does it mean for a female to be egg bound?
-can a female become egg bound from seeing a male betta on a regular basis in a separate tank?
-i know that white dot behind her ventrals means that she's a female, but what is it called and what is it for?

and any other information on female bettas would be helpful. thanks! (:
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When a female becomes egg-bound, it means she has produced eggs (she will become swollen with them) but is unable to release them or re-absorb them, which is the normal course of action when a female makes eggs and there is no male to fertilise them. Sadly, it's often fatal.

Although she may produce eggs or become excited, she won't necessarily become eggbound just from seeing a male. She may not even produce them - it frequently takes more than just the sight of a male to condition her for breeding (e.g. warmer water, special diet).

That white dot is called the ovipostor, or egg-tube. It's where she releases the egg from. However, don't be fooled - it's surprisingly not an exclusively female trait. Sometimes males will display it.

Other than that, females really aren't very different from males, except perhaps a tad more active. :)
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Location: Southern California
cool, thank you for your help. (:
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