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Old 10-31-2011, 05:46 PM   #1 
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Here is why I should not be allowed at fish auctions

Four words for you: half moon copper black.

Here he is IMMEDIATELY after he came home, still a little pale from being in the bag/stress.

And today, in all his glory. He's not as... coppery... as some coppers, but he's the legit real deal.

The bummer is... I think he's a sinker. One of my other bettas, Angelo, was a floater until I found he could only eat flake food, and this guy just chills at the bottom of the tank or rests along a rock or in the cave.

He is healthy, and just ate like a PIG as soon as I put frozen brine shrimp in the tank, and I have seen him surface a few times to get air, so he's able, but he prefers bottom by far.

I am going to give him a while before calling it for sure, because he may just be stressed and/or not used to having tankmates (rest assured that there is no one in the tank who can harm him, however, nor anyone he can harm), but I'm not going to stress him more moving him at this point. He will get his own digs as soon as I find a lady for him, though. Obviously.

If he is, in fact, a sinker with swim bladder issues, and I can't resolve it with diet, that's... probably not good for breeding, huh? If it's a struggle to get to the top, you probably can't make much of a bubble nest, can you?

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What does it mean when they hang at the bottom a lot? I have 2 like that and always wondered why.

by the way, he is stunning.
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Could be swim bladder, but some fish just are that way and are fine. Like I said, too soon to call it with this guy, but if a fish has always seemed healthy otherwise, I don't worry. And even if it is swim bladder, they can get better. Angelo did. He floated sideways for a month and then all of a sudden *poof* got better, once I changed his diet.

And thanks. I think so too. :)
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He's beautiful!
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