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Originally Posted by LittleBettas View Post
I have a few bettas in 1.5 gallon tanks (most are in QT)
I change water everyday.... like Caitic said... once a week is NOT enough...
That is not recommended, as it can actually cause your fish to become ill quite easier when doing very frequent water changes. For anything under 5 gals unfiltered, 1 50% and 1 100% water change per week is what is needed. With full dose of conditioner on the 50%.

Poor guy looks scared and skinny. I see that his water level is down, go ahead and keep it down about halfway for now and keep him in a dim room, or cover up his vase with a towel for a day or so. It's a shock moving from a small cup where you were handled roughly, not fed, store lights on so much to a big home. Especially since it seems as if he was weak and frail to begin with, it's even more stressful. I would highly recommend not changing his water for a few days past your last change and continue the schedule I mentioned above. (If you need, I can post the reasons why you should not do so many water changes a week, but once a week is far too less.)

Also the parasite meds can be causing him undue stress. You don't want to medicate them unless you are 100% sure he has parasites.. and you especially want to follow all directions to a T when you do. Not eating isn't really a sign of parasites. It's ones that are eating a lot, yet still losing weight that are symptoms of internal parasites. So if you are still continuing with the meds.. I would stop since that could be causing him to become more ill. Your best bet is to keep him warm, dimmed lighting and calm. Every day offer him some form of food, whether it be frozen, freeze dried, pellets or flakes.. something will tempt him and it's getting him to eat is what we are after, working on a good diet can come later. Always keep in mind that bettas can take up to a week, if not a little longer, to eat when you first get them. So him not eating for 2 days after you getting him is actually normal.
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Have to add, as far as peas go.. they are used as a treatment for goldfish that are constipated. Bettas are insectivores, and they cannot digest peas. Period. They can't digest, they get no nutrition out of them, etc. It's like giving a cow a porkchop to eat.. they shouldn't eat it as their digestion is not set up for anything like a pea.
People assumed it's okay for them since it can work as a laxative, but in reality, yeah it makes them poop more because their body is doing all it can to expel something that shouldn't be in there to begin with. Highly recommend not ever going the pea route, and most here will back that up.
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You said you got him 2 days ago? he may just need time to adjust and settle in. I had one guy go a week before eating. However since he is already skinny, I would try breakin up a pellet, try crushing it with a spoon. normal size may be too big.

If the vase is a gallon, it will be OK as long as you keep up the water changes and can maintain a steady temp. You can upgrade it later.
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