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Old 10-26-2011, 12:40 PM   #1 
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Thumbs down Power Went Out Last Night

From 10PM until 6AM the power was out. The lights go out on the tanks at 9, so I forgot that the power out meant that the heaters were out. At 1AM I was up covering the tanks with towels to help them keep warmer (and shut the window they are right next to ). They got down to 72 for the 2 gallon and 76 for the cycled 5.5 gallon before I got the towels on. I took the filter media out of the filter at around 11 and put it in the tank to maybe help save my cycle. Just very frustrated. All fish seem to be just fine, I was mostly worried about my old man. Going on 2 years, he is noticeably more fragile than my two younger fish. So what is the best thing to do when there is a power outage? Other than forget your fish don't have heaters, of course.
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If you gave a gas stove, you can heat up some water and add it into your aquarium. I'm not sure how well this would work with a small aquarium, but that's what I've done with my large aquarium in the past. When there were power outages in the winter that's how I managed to keep my fish alive. One outage happened while I wasn't home and it got so cold it ended up killing my fish =/ If you can't heat water then I would guess the best thing to do would be keep the aquarium insulated. We have a generator now that automatically goes on when the power goes off and keeps everything running so I don't have to worry about that anymore.
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No gas here. Thankfully bettas can survive at lower temps. I was tempted to put a hot water bottle in (I wasn't into changing the water in the dark), but I wasn't sure if the plastic would leech anything into the water. I figured cold was better than poisoned.
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I'm glad you started this thread, I lose electricity a lot in my area and i've been looking for tips on how to keep my fishy safe if it happens again, do I put a blanket on top of the aquarium? What are you tricks?
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Our electric gets knocked out all the time year around due to weather......sometimes for weeks.......

If the electric is going to be out longer than a few hours...start unplugging everything....heaters and filters mainly......

Hold all food while the electric is out

when out longer than 6 hours-before your turn everything back on...dump the filters and clean them really good and clean the filter media before you hook it back up
Make a water change too

Cold month without power is more of a challenge......
In the colder months-generally a healthy Betta can tolerate low temp short term-I have had temp in the low 50'sF for over a week-all the fish survived but I could tell some were struggling at the 3-4 days mark-so they were cupped and moved to the fire place mantle
I covered the tanks with blankets and during the day as the sun would shine I opened the curtain and allowed the sun to shine on the tanks

Sometimes you have to be creative to keep the Bettas warm enough...just remember do not try to change the water temp too fast-lower the water level and use hot water bottles instead of adding warm/hot water directly to the tank, wrap towel or blankets around the tank to help hold the heat, don't feed them during this stressful time or make water changes unless it is longer than 10 days, don't worry about the cycle at this point either..its the least of your worries during power outage

Once the power is back on-depending on how long it was out and last water may need to make small water changes to start-don't try to warm them up too fast.....if you lowed the water level to add hot water bottles-top off the tank with water that is 4-5 degrees warmer-if the Betta is begging for food-feed them small amounts-turn the heater on and allow the water to slowly warm up...once at temp....make a 25% water change and re-start the filter...monitor water prams and make needed water changes or if you don't have water test products....add 1-50% water only to your regular water change schedule for a few weeks....
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