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Foggy water causes by silk plants?

Hey everyone. Ever since I got my betta, I've been trying out different plant set-ups in my tiny 1g tank for my betta. I've noticed that the water tends to get foggy faster with silk plants than it does with plastic plants. I recently added black gravel as well. I should take a picture, it's a pretty little set-up. Anyways, does anyone else notice this happening?

Also, I was planning on getting a 2.5g tank soon and was looking for new inhabitants for my 1g. I was thinking ghost shrimp, but I read that they are sensitive. Is there any other kind of small fish that is as hardy as the betta? I was thinking of some small schooling fish. Minnows? I'm haven't done all the research yet but I am open for suggestions.

Thanks for your time.
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Hi! Happy to read that you're thinking of moving your Betta to a bigger tank. 1g is very small. As for the new inhabitants for your 1 gal., I wouldn't really put more than 1 fish i there... it's too small. Maybe a shrimp but personally I don't like 1gallons. You can use it as a QT in case you ever have problems with any of your fish.
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When I buy silk, I will soak them in a large cup and change out the water every few hours. Some of the silk plants leak dye a little bit.
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Please don't try to put any other fish in a 1 gallon tank. Especially if it is not filtered, cycled, heated, etc. Bettas can survive in them because they breathe surface air and can live in stagnant water, but they are the only fish that can. 5 gallons is minimum for any other species, and even with a 5 gallon you are quite limited to the species that will do well.

Someone else said it - keep your 1 gallon and use it as a QT or treatment tank.
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I also soak my silk plants in treated water for about a day before I use them in a tank. I do the same for decore if I think it was sitting in the store too long and collecting dust. I have noticed that my silk plants will get algae stains that are hard to get off, but my water stays clear. So far, only one silk plant really messed with the water because of red dye. Normally a 24 hour soak does the trick, but that plant really had dye in it.

I don't bother with plastic plants because I don't want to worry about sharp edges. If you don't have a filter in your tank, then fog is going to happen no matter what type of fake plant you use. When you upgrade the tank, I would just save the 1 gallon for QT emergencies. I think a few shrimp can live in 1 gallon of water, but most fish need at least 2 gallons.
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That's wierd...none of my silk plants have had an effect on my water. I use FinSafe plants from Acumen Aquatics (search facebook).
Definitely no fish for a one gallon, but I think you could make a nice ghost shrimp tank. Yes, they are relatively sensitive, but they also have a tiny bioload so the waste will take much longer to build up than it did with a betta. :)
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