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Exclamation It's a few weeks away but....

Hello all!

I know it is a few weeks away, but I would like to know what I have to do before it comes around and bites me in the butt! Thanksgiving break is right around the corner. I would be away from my apartment for approx. 7-10 days. Is it okay to leave my 10 gallon tank with Triton in it, or should I pack up and take him home? It is a 30-40 minute trip, pretty much all highway and not a lot of bad roads.

I do know over Christmas break I will have to take him home since we will be away from out apartment for well over a month. Where should I start? How do I go about traveling with my betta safely. I want to be prepared for this, because I am suure I am going to be beyond stressed out and ready to go home after finals!
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7-10 days is fine for a betta to be left alone .. but don't go over 2 weeks ..

if you must take him with you cus ur too worried of leaving him .. i would take him the way transshippers do .. in doubled baggies .. with low water .. in a dark box or cooler and if your in an area that is cold you can toss in a pocket warmer pouch in with him .. 30-40 mins is not that long of a trip .. one of my bettas spent 4 hrs with us in a car the day we bought him and he was fine .. just keep him in the dark confined space
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should we just drain the water to the level where it wouldn't splash, or should we completely empty it?
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All my fish have to take a 40 minute ride home from the closest fish store to my house, and they are in their cups I buy them in at the store. A very healthy fish can live approx 14 with no food, but by then they are on the brink of death. I would suggest taking a one gallon and him with his conditioner and a couple decorations with you. You would be pushing it to leave him there for 10 days with no food, and you definitely do not want a weekend feeder because it will cause your water to foul fast.
But that is just my personal opinion. 30-40 mins isn't long, I have to do that just to get to the closest Walmart (darn small town/country living in forests!). So I'd just take him instead of risking him becoming ill from lack of nutrition. 3-4 days I would say leave him.. but not for 10.
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