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Question Is he just a shortie?

Hi guys! I signed up here way back in June when my son got Cheesy for his birthday. I am still as in love with him as I was in the beginning. :D

My brother has a betta too, he's almost 1. My mom "housesat" for his fish over the weekend and was appalled at the fish's conditions. No decorations, small tank, no heater, dirty water. So she gave me $ and let me go wild at the pet store, woot!

I got my bro's fish all set up in a new tank and he is already so much happier and social.

But here's my question: I realized how tiny my betta is compared to his, so when I went to the fish store I checked out the rest. Cheesy is TEENY. Is that normal for them to vary in size so much? Also, he eats the pellet food. I feed him 4 or 5 pellets once a day and he eats them all in about 5 seconds flat. Is he being under-fed? He does his crazy hungry dance every time I walk by the bowl unless he just ate. It makes me wonder...
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You might have a younger betta than the other ones at the store. Your brother's is over a year old if he got it at a pet store since they usually sell them after 6 months of age. Your guy might be young, but some of them are just smaller by genetics and conditions they were kept in.
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my Scout(in my avatar) is a tiny little guy. i haven't had him long, though, and he HAS grown a bit. usually, when you get them, they're still VERY young, so he may grow a bit. :3
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I've had a few thgat were smaller than average. I don't think there is anything to be concerned about.
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