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Rest easy, Mr. Fish.

Four months ago, I decided I'd like to have a betta to take to school with me. I went to the Petco in my town and bought a red crowntail. He was larger than the others and incredibly aggressive.

I named him Mr. Badfish because of his aggressive behavior (he was always flaring). I never thought I'd come to love this fish so much. Whenever I'd go to my tank to talk to him, he'd come, flare a bit, then calm down and follow my finger.

He had an incredibly large paunch in his stomach, and after researching more, I think he might have had dropsy or some sort of illness when I bought him. One side of his beard didn't extend either.

I'm not sure how he died. He was blowing bubble nests, though he wasn't eating. Thursday morning he was struggling in his tank and when I returned from class he was gone. :/

So, I'm new here but I'd just like to say some words for the little angry boy that brought me into this fish obsession. Today, I purchased Poseidon from the Petsmart near my school. (Also a red crowntail, but much smaller than Mr. Fish, and much less aggressive), so I'm hoping my experience with Mr. Fish and my growing betta obsession will help Poseidon (who seems healthier than Mr. Fish had been) live a long, happy life.

Click image for larger version

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This was taken a week before his death. You can see bubbles near the surface. This tank had a yellow background.
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Mr. Fish was very beautiful! He reminds me of my boyfriend's red crowntail, Red Beard! :) He sounds like he was full of fire and loved his life! It's sad when they pass...But he sounds like he really loved every second of the life you gave him, and I'm sure is living it up flaring at all the other fish under the rainbow bridge :) I bet he's the biggest betta there with all that spirit!

Good luck with your new Poseidon, sounds like you got a really young fella! Can't wait to see more posts with your next betta adventures :)

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Thanks! I'd never realize I'd become so fish-crazed. It's hard to think that my little buddy's gone.

Here is a picture of Poseidon. He was newly introduced to his tank, so he's a little shy. He's been hiding behind or in the cave all night. He's been hard to capture on film because he'll notice the huge black camera and sneak away.
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Awww!! He was adorable!! R.I.P. Mr. Badfish!! Have fun in fishy heaven! I dont think any of us realize how crazy we r gonna get about these fish when we go and get the first one... Yer new little guy is a beauty as well, hope he lives a long healthy life with u!
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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