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Question New bowl

I just bought a new glass bowl for my betta and was wondering how to clean it the proper way the very first time. Any clues, hints or tips would be most appreciated.
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Do a 100% water change and clean everything real good.
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with just soap and water and then just a real real real good hot rinse wait for it to dry then put in his water? i really love this guy and got him a pretty glass bowl at target that i am only going to fill up 2/3 full so he can't jump out but it will give him plenty of room to swim around and have his "stuff" in with him. then the one snail i put in won't take over too quickly and i can keep them in check easier than in the smaller tank where they just get all over the place. and why am i seeing that people have heaters and filters in their tanks? I didn't think that bettas needed that stuff.
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Don't use soap. Just hot water is enough. You can use white vinegar and baking soda to scrub it with, but never use soap.

Bettas definitely do need heaters. They come from Thailand, which is tropical. They do best in a 78-82F range. In room temperature water, their immune systems are severely compromised by the cold and they are far more susceptible to illness. Frequently, they become lethargic, colourless and lose their appetite. Heaters prevent this. More importantly, heaters also make sure the water is a steady temperature. Fluctuating temperatures can shock and kill fish.

In anything over 2.5 gallons, a filter is also a good idea. It houses beneficial bacteria which converts ammonia (the product of fish waste) into far less harmful nitrates.

Do make sure your glass bowl holds at least a gallon. Anything less is risky to heat. Also remember that small tanks and bowls = a lot of more work due to needing frequent, large water changes. In under 5 gallons, I definitely would not suggest a snail. They have a large bioload (in other words, they poop a lot). A snail will just mean more cleaning for you. :)

Many petshops like to feed you myths about bettas loving tiny, crud-filled, unheated bowls, but its patently false. They like space, heat and clean water just like all other tropical fish. :)

Good luck with your new guy! :)
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well, i thank you VERY much! I shall do so right now and I can't thank you enough. ALL of the snails are going in the garbage!!! I personally cannot stand the things but thought they might help keep the tank cleaner. They just multiply like crazy and make me nuts and lay "eggs" or whatever that clear junk is on bLu's sleep leaf and then he won't use it. so OUT they go and his tank is in my kitchen which maintains a nice warmth and is steady heat and he swims around like crazy and basically enjoys being nosey watching everything in the kitchen which is where we usually are.

i have two dogs that will sit and watch him and if he notices them moving about on the floor he will follow them which is neat. so off to clean and put his water in and let it sit overnight then moving time tomorrow afternoon.

i can't thank you enough and i will watch him and get a thermometer to monitor his water temp more and if i notice it change too much i will definitely buy a heater. thanks so much for your help!
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Hehe.. yeah snails can be good for larger tanks, but they are just too much of a pain sometimes to mess with.

Since you say it is a bowl, I will go ahead and suggest that you do 1 50% and 1 100% water change per week, dosing the water with the full dose for the bowl's volume of the conditioner when you do the 50%. I am assuming it's unfiltered (which is fine, since a filter is not needed, but some use it because it means less water changes).
Bettas are tropical fish, who live in warmer climates, and large amounts of waters. The waters are the rice patties, which are shallow (why width is preferred over depth with them), but are very vast and large going for miles.
Since they are picky about tank mates, they are perfect for people who want a smaller tank. They are pretty much the only fish that could live a happy life in 1+ gallons. But that isn't to say that they wouldn't like a bigger place. It's each betta's personality. Some prefer the small gallons, others really enjoy the larger tanks. Either way, it is how you take care of them, the water changes and food, heat that makes the difference in their lives more then whether they are in a gallon bowl or a 100 gallon tank.
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