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Question NPT Shrimp Bowl, Plant Questions

I'm planning to start a small NPT Shrimp bowl. I've looked at what i need to get started and all that. I also know i need 70-80% stem plants and the rest floaters. I was just wondering what classifies a stem from a floaters and what are some good examples of each?

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I'm sorry I don't know anything about plants but I'm going to bump this so you can get some answers from those knowledgeable about plants.
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What does "NPT" stand for? I apologize if that's a newb questions. -.-
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Waaaaaaaait. Is that "nano planted tank"? Yup. Newb question. lol

Anubias nana var. 'petite' is a nice stem plant for a nano tank.

Floaters are duckweed, anacharis (which can also be planted as a stem plant), water lettuce, etc.

What size tank and what kind of lighting does this kind of tank entail?

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NPT-is natural planted tank....soil use either-dirt from your yard, organic potting soil, top soil, kitty litter-these can be mixed, used alone etc..... and then you cap the soil with either sand or small size gravel to keep the soil in place...

NPT are intended to be low light, low tech type CO2-some use ferts but usually they are not needed
Some do make higher tech NPT...but usually they are low tech...

Stem plants for NPT-naja grass and this can also be used floating, water wisteria, ludwigia, rotala, hygrophila are all good low-mod light low tech type stem plants....
Stem plants are usually sold in bunches of 6-10 stems without roots
With NPT-you want to start out with at least 3 or more different species of stem plants....every tank/system can be different even in the same house in different tanks in regards of how well one plant will do-grow/thrive than another and by starting with several different species of stem plants will ensure that at least one will thrive in your setup...

Floating plants-water lettuce, frogbit, duckweed are great floaters for NPT, however, most of your stem plants will work as floaters more that they don't look as good as true floaters and you have the added benefit with floater with their roots hanging down in the water column

Both stem and floating plants are fast growers and big feeders that help NPT by using the ammonia for plant food and using excessive nutrients in the water column to help prevent bad algae problems.....

Algae-is normal and expected in a container of water that has both lights and nutrients-some species of algae is a sign of a healthy system, can help make the tank look more natural by softening edges and it provides food and cover for microorganism that the livestock will graze on for extra nutrients...
However, since this is a closed system-it still have to be controlled by the hobbyist with manual removal and water changes....

Successful NPT or planted tanks in general are dependent on proper lights for photosynthesis.....often most planted tank failures can be traced back to incorrect lighting/color temp and too short a photoperiod.....

Nutrients are also important-but in NPT you have nutrient rich substrate and along with the added plant food produced by the livestock, uneaten fish food, natural decomp of plant material and water changes....usually NPT will not need any extra ferts or added CO2......

NPT-natural planted tanks-once mature are as close to a natural ecosystem that can be created in a closed system......remember-this is a closed system and it still needs some care by the hobbyist-but not like a regular gravel based aquarium.....

You can go to my album and see some pic of my NPT........
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What is the best way to control baby shrimp population? I was told to add a small fish but not what kind. I have a 2 Gal bowl
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npt, plants, shrimp, stem plants

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