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7 gallon Hex with heater and filter

My dad sent me a 80 gallon tank and all his old fish stuff. The tank was for my turtle but in the many boxes of ummm... unless fish junk, there was tons of fake plants. So I am able to change up Poseidon's 7 gal hex. Also in there was a aqua mini filter that fit perfectly on the back of his tank so no more DIY filter.

Any who here is last months tank:

A friend of mine gave me some duckweed for my turtle. I added it into Poseidon's tank but had a horrible bacterial algae bloom. I'm still cleaning up from that. Sigh.

This is his tank right now:

And of course a photo of my beautiful boy:

I have to say, we've had him over three months now. I'm so happy I did not buy him from petsmart or PJ's pets. Every betta I have ever gotten was from there and they always died with in a month or two. He's grown so much since we got him.
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I think you should add that orange plant back in. Betta's love densely planted spaces (just ask my sorority girls, who spend 90% of their time in the lacefern), and it would add a splash of colour that would contrast beautifully with his blue. :) Plus it looks really nice and tall, so it would give him shelter at the very highest level of the tank. :)

I bet he's loving the new features! :)
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Agreed, add the orange plant back in. Bettas need more coverage. If you line the back of the tank with plants, he will still be able to hide when he needs to and the plants won't impede your view of him. Plus, as was already said, having something to hide behind at the surface is crucial for bettas, especially in a tank as tall as yours where it's a looooooong dive to the bottom. You should find something that can be used as a cave for him as well - a coffee mug, or anything that he can swim into and hide in.

Looks great though! Beautiful tank, beautiful fish!
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+1 on tf1265's comment about the cave. A coconut or small plant pot might be options too :)
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