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one betta in 5g hex tank, need tankmate

So i have one betta in a heated and filtered 5 gallon hex tank, and thats it. I realize this is a great space for a betta and am really not looking to add more fish, I really just want something that is usually good with a betta and will clean up excess food in th gravel, or algae if it gets any. I obviously don't want soemthing that gets big like a pleco or something, and I was interested in getting a apple snail but the guy at the pet store said they don't do good with heaters? Ideas?
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I was thinking a oto, form research they seem to only get 1-2 inches big, do you know the smallest species I should go for?
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In a 5 gallon you could really only have a snail or some shrimp. Five gallons just isn't large enough for fish tankmates and a hex usually decreases the area of tank bottom there is for bottom feeders anyways.
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apple snails do fine with heaters, however they can grow quite large, and can be prolific poopers (it's frightening!)
Nerite snails are smaller, and will not breed. Or try a couple of ghost shrimp. The shrimp might get eaten, or they might be fine. At least ghosties are a cheap shrimp to test out with.
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The shrimp are definitely amazing bottom feeders. :) If you cover the bottom of the tank in java moss, they have an excellent chance of survival. Red cherries will snack on algae, too. Amano shrimp are the best algae eaters.

Definitely don't go with otos. They like schools and are majorly sensitive. They won't do well in 5 gallons. Also, they need more algae than a 5 gallon is ever going to produce to stay healthy.
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