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Old 10-26-2011, 09:05 PM   #1 
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Thumbs up not so typical breeding setup

i posted a topic earlier this week about breeding my veiltail pair. im currently using a 5 gallon setup maintained a 78f. unlike the typical breeding setup i am using gravel, i know that this may result in fewer eggs found and harder cleaning but id like to provide my pair with a more "natural" setup i guess you could say. im not doing this for profit or for hundreds of babies, just more into seeing if this will actually work. the tank has been cycled for a few months now and the bettas have been kept conditioned since purchase. im not using a filter though i just removed it today and lowered the water level with the addition of some floating plants (devils ivy and artificial). my female is showing the "baring" and she is actively flaring back at my male. like i said earlier i just removed the filter today so all im really waiting on before the release if for my male to build the nest. btw i sealed off all "air holes" in my aquarium lid with foil to increase the humidity, ive heard you should do this but what do you guys think? ive had a pair breed for me in the past with the traditional bare bottom setup but this is the first time ive tried something like this, i look forward to letting you guys know hows things go.. thanks for any comments or advice, im really hoping that this is going to work out and turn into a spawn log! wish me luck!

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Old 10-27-2011, 03:10 PM   #2 
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It's beautiful , and so are the fish , but won't it be really hard for the father to pick up the eggs ?
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By the looks of the gravel-it looks small enough to prevent the eggs from getting lost to bad...he may miss a few-but should find the bigger percent of the eggs and fry once hatched-You can also place either a whole/water logged IAL or dried Oak leaf on the floor under the nest to help him find the eggs easier-even a large flat stone-anything that will sink...
I would recommend adding a few common snails if you haven't already to help with clean up of any lost eggs/fry to prevent the water from going bad too well as more live plants.....

I use the natural method in soil based natural planted tanks full to the top with water and have not had any issues with lost eggs/fry in the substrate, however, I do recommend first time hobbyist to spawn using a bare-bottom half filled 10gal tank to increase odds of success...but this isn't your first time to spawn so you should be fine with this setup.

I spawn for quality not quantity too....big numbers are not always a sign of success...its the quality IMO...

I would also recommend that you go ahead and keep the water level to the top....this will give you more volume in the 5gal.... since water level doesn't have anything to do with growth/development of eggs/fry is more for the long heavy fin males in poor condition so they don't have to swim a lot.....

Overall you system should work fine for a spawn...good that you removed the may want to add a sponge filter once the fry are about 3 weeks old unless you add a bunch of live plants.....
Good that you sealed the top to help keep the heat and humidity high over the water...a lot of spawns are lost due to too cool/dry air when the labyrinth organ starts to develop in the 2-4 week range...that first breath of air for the fry is so important....
If you bump your heat up to about 80F you will get a better hatch within 24-32h....

What are your feeding plans for the fry......

Good luck and keep us posted on your spawn attempts.....nice looking Bettas by the way....
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Old 10-28-2011, 12:57 PM   #4 
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Nice fish. I don't breed Vts but I love red veils.
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Egg that don't get pick up n fall into the crack...
Will grow fungus...
Or the fry will jam theself between the rock and get stuck....
Breeding should be made simple on you not hard...
You will do better with less thing in your tank...
All you need is a heater, tank, thermostat n live plant...
U can get by with that but have to do more often water change...
Spong filter work to....
But I hardly use it...
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Old 10-28-2011, 08:32 PM   #6 
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the fry will getlost in the gravel aswell,not just eggs.

if you want natural use a sand or soil covered bottom(only use soil if you know how to)
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Old 10-31-2011, 07:42 PM   #7 
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Thanks for all the replies guys, after considering things i guess more fry wouldnt hurt.. ive removed the gravel in the aquarium just now and did a %100 water change. the only gavel in the aquarium is in the back which is holding down a few artificial plants. im adding live plants at the moment and will be posting pictures of the new setup in a few minutes.. the temp is at a constant 78f, no filter (id like to add some snails soon for cleanup). im floating the female in a jar and giving the male around three days to construct the nest and then i hope things go as planned. let me know what you guys thinks, pics coming asap!

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Old 11-02-2011, 01:13 PM   #9 
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Looks good. :) Once the fry are free swimming and you remove the father it should be ok to add a snail. I say to wait because when i added one before they were free swimming it would mess with the bubblenest i a still think it ate a couple fry that fell to the bottom before the father could get them, though i never saw it happen.

The more i look at your pair the more i adore them xD I do wish you the best of luck with your spawn. When you're still learning you're probably going to loose some fry along the way(genetics and other factors) so you want to have as many possible fry to start with xD If when they start to grow and really look like bettas you find you have to many for friends and family to adopt you can look for a local fish store, take some picture of your fry, go in and tell them that you'll have a few home bred and raised bettas. ask if they'd be willing to buy them from you in a couple weeks(after you jar them and give them room to grow their fins and look nice with no nipping marks). I have a pet store who, other then when i or another breeder have some extras, doesn't carry bettas.
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