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Join Date: Aug 2011 RULES

in this thread..

the mod

Originally Posted by vaygirl View Post
Gypsy, this thread is about a year old. Check your dates before posting.

here are the rules...

9) Do not resurrect or bump threads without reason.
Please do not post to a thread that has not received a reply in a long time unless you have something substantive to add that is not more appropriate in a new thread. Similarly, please use "bumps" sparingly and do not bump your thread unless/until a significant amount of time has passed without it receiving replies. Excessive bumping is more likely to annoy other members than motivate them to reply to your thread.

is there a consensus from Admin and MOD, is so.. what is that time>.

Can you QUANTIFY.. what is a LONG TIME??
1 week.. 2 weeks.. 4 week.. 1 month, 4 months.. apparently 9 months was LONG TIME.. even though.. i did not.. but i was suppose to just KNOW..

as some one new to the forum, with SOO MUCH INFORMATION, i would NOT want to make this mistake again

Please help.. as a FAIRLY NEW PERSON to this Forum, and as new people come in everyday.. we don't know.. this way us newbies know exactly.. and don't want to upset Vets.

and also, maybe a Request of the MODS.. Lock the "LONG TIME" no post threads..

thanks in advance for clarefication..
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B. When to post:

11. One of the cardinal rules of forums is never drag up old threads. This is called necrobumping. If a thread is over two weeks old than 9 times out of 10 any information you could add would be antiquated or unsolicited. Dragging up picture threads, memorial threads, and the like is not helpful and often times you will get a snarky remark from members. If you have information pertaining to a certain thread it is usually better to start a new thread than to dig up one that was posted a year ago.

Basically... leave dead threads in the past. Old threads are great resources to research old information, especially before posting a question that is probably already answered. However useful the information on the thread on page 36 is, leave it on page 36 because it is there for a reason.
I found this AFTER i posted ..

So Admin Team..

14 days.. from LAST Post.. it is Considered DEAD.. should that be the rule of thumb for me to follow?

thanks :)

what can i say.. i like to know my boundaries..
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Pretty much a good plan. It's more on a case by case basis. Sometimes a week old thread might be too old, sometimes a month old thread isn't too old(very rare, but it happens. Usually with your own thread. But in general, back away if it's two weeks dead or more). Kind of depends on the topic and the information you are able to share. Generally though, that's a good rule to follow I think. If you aren't sure, don't post? :)

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It really depends.

If it was a quick Q and has been answered and it's only 3 days old... don't bring it up. It's been solved. Any "new" information should be put into a new, or more appropriate, thread. That goes for any "solved" thread. If it is solved, you don't need to "hi-jack" the thread... just make your own! It's considered "dead" when it's done.

If it's a thread like a memorial thread, a "fun" thread, etc that has already had replies, never bring those up. I give a week's rule on those ones, personally. Especially memorials! Is there already replies, support, etc? Ok, let it be.. If you reaaally feel you have input, message the person directly. If you bring it up, everyone will start commenting, and it's totally unnecessary. "Fun" threads like picture threads shouldn't be brought up after a week unless there weren't any replies, in which case the creator might like a few comments! If they've already been commented on and have given "satisfaction" to the owner... leave it. There are new threads that need attention. Again, if you want to make a comment, contact the person directly. There's no need to push down other threads just because you have an input. Disease threads I use this for as well... There are SO many more emergencies, no need to push them down! Just message the person and ask if they're still having problems so all the other emergencies get attention.

2 weeks can be applied to "hot" threads, very active threads, informative threads, etc... I hope you know what types of threads I'm referring to! As a rule of thumb, only bring up threads you find will be beneficial to other members and the original poster. Is it just for you? Do you want satisfaction? Is your new post directed towards yourself? Etc? Then don't comment! Is bringing this thread up an interesting, helpful thread that other members will appreciate? Were there no comments and it's been under 2 weeks? Etc? Then comment!

I hope this clears it up for you... But never comment if it's been "dead" over 2 weeks!

Mods/admins can't close every single thread that has "died". First of all, they can't keep track of all of them, and secondly, if they've been inactive threads for 2 weeks, then they are far buried and it'd be difficult to dig them up and lock them. Take the responsibility and watch over yourself! It's easy to check the dates.

Any more Q's?
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NOPE.. :) 2 weeks is something i can chew on!

this was great! much more clear then "LONG TIME".. LOL

all forums are all a little different.. this was first forum that had a rule about this.. but thanks for the insight..

Ps.. My discus are already a handful.. but i really like these little guys.. and i am the KING of Searching threads to give me answer i seek.. but i will follow 2 week rule, and PM if need too :)
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I'll check with the team to find out exactly what a "long time" means. I have posted in threads that were 10 days to 2 weeks old before. As the others said it depends on the topic. If a thread is about losing a fish and is over a year old you don't want to post sorry about your fish. Or if someone had fry from a spawn and the the thread is 2 years old you don't want to ask if they have any for sale because they probably don't have them any more.
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