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Best way to start a sorority?

So, I'm planning on starting a sorority in the ten gallon that's soon to be set up in my room. But, I was wondering if I should keep each girl quarantined for a week or two before adding them all in together? Like, floating them in the cups they come in (with 100% water changes a day). Or would it be okay to just add them all in without quarantine?

And if you have any other tips/warnings about sororities, please give them to me. I'm kind of nervous about if I'm undertaking a too-hard task.

Thirdly, live plants or no live plants? I was considering doing some live plants, but I'm a bit fuzzy on what the best would be. Are the difficult to maintain, should I stick with all artificial?

(And if you could just help me out with cycling, that's be lovely because I'm not sure I completely understand the process.)

Also- I hope this is in the right subforum. I wasn't completely sure where to put it.
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Old 11-02-2011, 08:37 AM   #2 
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I love sororities :D

Here is a thread for cycling I hope it helps.

I would QT them while the tank is cycling - possibly float all their cups in the tank to keep them warm, as well as allows them to see one another. since it's always wise to QT them before putting them in together - unless they all come from the same tank at the pet store.

Java ferns, Java moss, Naja grass, Anubias and Amazon swords tend to be very easy to care for - most don't need the substrate (moss, grass, java fern) as they can be anchored to large rocks/driftwood. Also they do well in smaller tanks without filters. So for beginner plants I'd pick some of those to research and use.
Otherwise, silk plants are just fine.
You want to make sure that you have a lot of mid to tall plants in the tank to break up the line of sight for the girls. And you want it dense - you don't want to be able to see the other side of the tank if you are looking at it from the side (you can leave a few inches in the front of the tank though for feeding and viewing). You just want to make sure they all can't see each other 100% of the time nonstop, and that they have places to hide if one gets chased.

Just make sure that you have a couple smaller tanks, 1gal+ on hand in case one or two of the girls doesn't work out and you can give them a nice home. For a 10 gal you could easily have 5 girls in there without over doing it.

In case you missed the thread about sororities =)

Good luck!
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Sororities are super fun. I love my girls.

+1 to everything Myates has said. I only want to add: if you can, get girls who are used to living together, whether this means buying sisters off Aquabid or simply finding a petshop that keeps their girls in the same tank. If you can't, it's not the end of the world and you still have a fair chance of it working out, but if you can, it will make it that much easier.

Floating plants that have roots hanging down into the water, like water lettuce, are a good way to go. :)
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here is mine

It's more of a game of luck, since you can't be sure if the fish will get along until you actually try it. My ladies didnt come from the same breeder or even the same store. I got them all at different times and redid the tank every time I added a new girl (which for me isnt much more work then I normally do anyways, since my 20 G is not filtered and I remove everything to siphon the gravel and do water changes 2-4 times a week). You may have to remove a girl or two, until you get harmony in the tank.

The only thing I can warn about is that even if they are fairly peaceful, fights can break out and can result in an unexpected death.
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