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Lyle is ok, my present didn't do so well....

Like the title says, the first betta I got, lyle, is doing alright. I got him from Petsmart. It was my b-day recently and very kind person got me another betta, a blue vt. Very nice fish. This was from a chain called Pj's pets. Anyways, I had it for a total of a week and 4 days. I hadn't even named it yet. Anyways, it contracted ich (at least from what I could tell ie. white spots on body/fins) about two days ago was when I first noticed. I noticed it hiding alot more between rocks and stuff and only going up for air. It never had that much of an appetite, not compared to lyle.Anyways so today I noticed that one of its tailfin was very pale, head was getting pale and the belly was really pale. So I went to Petsmart and bought aq salt and stress coat. Did the water change, put some aq salt, stress coat, water conditioner..... within 10 minutes, he was dead. I noticed laboured breathing, not staying upright...Then finally, he died.

It's just sad. This little dude was sensitive. lyle is tough and rugged. I think there is something that you feel when you are choosing a fish. I remember spending at least 30 minutes looking at them until I got lyle. There was just something I felt toward him.
The other fish on the other hand was a gift....I mean there might be a reason PJ's is selling them for half the price of petsmart and call it the "manager's special"...The VT was doing fine for a little while....died so fast. I feel bad.

I feel a little depressed actually. I don't want anything to die under my care...I just don't know. You live and you learn.

My dilemma is that could it have been the API stress coat, water conditioner, aq salt that killed him so fast? Maybe the stress of the water change and his supressed immune system from being so sick? It was also the first time I used a net because I can telll he really didn't like the cup method. Maybe the net freaked him out? Also I changed his tank bottom from river rock to blue gravel to match him......

Now that I think about it, it was probably all those factors at the same time... Anyways, I'm done my rambling, I'm going to drink away my sorrow

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O and I forgot this is a memorial... RIP little buddy. Sorry I couldn't help you out. I'm sorry about it all. Wish I had you longer. RIP. Kick butt in the next dimension.

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Sorry to hear about your fish. Any death of a pet is sad. I just lost a betta (female, 1 of 3) who jumped out of the tank during a water change and I didn't know
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6 out of 8 of my males are Pj Pet's (Pets Unlmited here on the East Coast). I really don't think it's a company thing, but more of how that store takes care of it's fish. Pets Unlimited here is selling VT's for $5.97, and most are red or blue. All I've brought home were healthy enough to go through treatments for what they had wrong with them. Honestly, you should have treated your fish the first sign of Ich :(But regardless, I'm really sorry for your loss :( My first loss was Venom, a boy that looked just like yours.
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