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so Falcor was my white double tail (I thought) that I bought from petsmart while getting one of my females. however since then some questions have popped up regarding his body shape, and tail.

is it standard or acceptable for one of the fins to be shorter? and not perfectly symetrical?or is this possibly a mutation/healing injury I should be watching for.

Secondly, he's not a very good swimmer, which I think is because of his body length, it seems very long to me.

and as a last bit, part of the "dragon scaling" covers over a bit of his eyes, is this normal? or treatable?

I love him to pieces, he's my tiny little dragon I just want to know more about some of his quirks.
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Awwww he's cute!!! You're so lucky, i've always wanted a double tail plakat!! It's normal for one lobe of the tail to be smaller than the other, it's just his genetics! Double tails are notorious for having spinal issues, so that could be why he's having swimming issues. Just make sure there's little to no current in his tank, and give him lots of plants so he can rest near the surface. Having dragon scaling over the eyes is a problem that alot of dragons have. It's not treatable, but as long as he can see his food he should be fine (if he can't, it might be a good idea to purchase a feeding ring for him, and experiment with different amounts of lighting to see which one allows him to see best). Make sure there's nothing sharp or rough in his tank that he could run into. Basically just keep an eye on him as it can get worse over time. All of his problems are contributed to genetic issues, nothing much can be done about them. But he should live just as happy of a life as any other betta =)
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Old 11-02-2011, 10:39 AM   #3 
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Thanks IndyFishy for taking the time to explain that to me : ). he's very unique to me, and sits on my bedside table. He reminded me alot of Falcor from The neverending story (hence his name). special little guy : P
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He's very pretty!
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