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29 gal planted betta tank 1 year evolution

I have three separate tanks and I've been meaning to make a photo journal of the whole process. So here goes nothing.

This is a betta tank. My first real fish tank, and one I learned alot from. I will say this; bettas have to be the best fish to ever exist. I own just about every popular SA cichlid, angels, danios, all kinds of plecos, roseline sharks, clown loaches - the list goes on - but nothing makes me happier then my bettas. The death of one of my girls, Dori (I have three named fish of the 100+ I've owned) on 11/4 prompted this. Never had a more kick ass fish.

Bettas unfortunately are a pretty heart breaking species. I have found them very prone to all manner of diseases and bacteria, and often they will just show up dead for no discernible reason. My male bettas did not share in this characteristic, and have proven tremendously hardy. Females .. not so much. They are amazing personable little creatures though, a full year and 100 + fish later, still my favorites.

I apologize in advance for the crappy quality of some of the photos. Some are from a camera phone, some are a real camera, and all suffer from compression from hosting.

12/10 My first foray into a real fish tank. Prompted by the gift of a male betta for Christmas, I couldn't stand to see him in one of those pathetic betta bowls. This is the start of one hell of a snowball.

1/11 I laugh looking back at how unnatural everything looked, and the cheesy petco gravel. We all have to start somewhere though.

Just a pic of the aforementioned Dori. Why she thought this was where she should call home i'll never know, but this basically made me realize how hilarious and personality filled betta fish are.

3/11 I bought a pleco, which died. I felt bad, and did some research. This is where I stumbled on *drum roll* driftwood. I purchased some neons, which I unfortunately learned could not adapt to my very high ph and hardness water. A sad lesson.

The little guy that started it all. This is what he claimed as home, I couldn't help but take a picture. RIP.

4/11 started doing some serious research at this point, and getting into it. Prep:

4/11 new filter, black background, mineralized sand, replanted. I was quite proud here. It makes me sad to look at this now, because every betta in that picture is now gone, including dori - the peach / red finned girl in top left.

Speaking of Dori. This was her poking her head out after exploring around her redone tank. It's a tribute to how awesome bettas are. How many fish hide and sulk and become skittish when they / or things are moved. Bettas love it, and Dori was always the first to explore every damn thing. If this isn't cute as hell, I don't know what is. Just coming to say hi before diving back into the new stuff.

7/11 Replanted a few things, getting nice plant growth.

10/11 Final shot of the tank in this configuration. Crazy to see how the plants and what not grow, especially the java moss from how it originally looked.

11/11 Most recent shot. Allow me to explain. My girlfriend is pretty into the whole fish thing, which is quite cool.. but she's always subject to whatever I want (She doesn't live with me) she often helps me with maintenance and such.. so I decided to reward her. I told her if she did an 80% water change on the betta tank, she could plunder all my other tanks and supplies and redesign the tank however she wanted. This is the end result. I can't say it's what I would have done, but she enjoyed it and it's a change. So why not.

And last but not least, because it seems only appropriate. A tribute shot to my original bettas, all have passed. RIP.

Hope you enjoyed. I will be putting up my other tanks to follow, and will update this thread in the future. I consider myself an expert in bettas now, and would love to help anyone out that is considering them. Much of what you read and hear is based on rumor and not necessarily true, for better or worse. Thanks for looking!
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Wow, nice tank, I loved the transformation!!!! The little head with the java moss hair is so cool =D Did your females and your male get along?? That's a pretty risky move, putting them together D=
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Thank you for the compliment, and i'm glad you asked that about them getting along. That's something i'd like to touch on.

I've had 4 male bettas in there, for one reason or another, at different times. The males *never* would get along if together. I even had two in a 75 gallon that would find a way to fight each other.

My original male never once in the 8 or so months I had him did he attack any of the females.

I had a beautiful halfmoon pink male in there for about two weeks. After the first day, same thing - never bothered with any of them.

I held an albino for a friend for about a week who was a terror, he had to be removed.

My current red / white / blue male would chase, but never bite. Since i've redone the tank, he is as docile as a baby. Hasnt chased any of the girls for a week now.

So, 3 of 4 got along just fine. I think their aggressiveness (male to female) is overrated, or the tanks are too small to allow the male to have a territory.

Same thing with females. Of the 30+ females I've owned, I had one that was aggressive. Now that I know more i'm beginning to think it was a male plakat and not a female after all. The only times they fight each other are 1) When a new fish is introduced (shuffles hierarchy) or , unfortunately, if one is sick or dying, the others will bully it to death.

Once again, with females I feel people either aren't keeping enough of them, or it's too little space / not broken up enough. I have found bettas get along marvelously well given the right circumstances =)
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I totally agree with you and the whole them having there own space. I have two males that are together, even though the tank is split, they get along great! Every once in a while they will flare at each other and that's about it.
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The tank looks cool, but OMG that face thing in there freaks me out! lol
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Old 11-06-2011, 09:15 PM   #6 
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Location: Indiana
Wow, congrats on having the guts and the talent to keep them together!!! Sounds like you've had alot of success with it, that's great =D
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Old 11-08-2011, 04:54 AM   #7 
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:) You are a big inspiration... I love your tank.. Your girlfriend did a good job !! I love your little face plant thingy, where did you get it?! What is it called?
Please keep posting :)
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Old 11-08-2011, 09:38 AM   #8 
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I seen those plant head things at petco but the plants were always dead :(
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awwww I love your girls! ^-^ you have a cambodian, a blue girls, a red girl, and a white girl just like me! LOOOOVVVEEEE your aquarium, it shows off your girls' different colors! ^-^ so lively! Kudos to you and +1000 they look sooooooo happy!
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