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Multi HM female + copper dragon HMPK marble

I mentioned the other day about maybe breeding my HM girl even though she's a bit old.

She had already been partially conditioned and was staring toget eggy, so i began introducing her to my male little by little. Today she was so round with eggs and barred up i was starting to get abit worried she'd drop them before spawning so i released her into the tank just aminute ago.

I sat and watched, no nipping.She's being very submissive(and she's normally an aggressive gal). The male is doing a wiggle dance for her.
I'm hoping that since it's dark and quiet and warm tonight they will spawn while i sleep and i can remove her in the morning.

the set up:
20gallon long fill about a third way full.
heavily planted with fake plants.
preset heater(78)

No IAL or tannins.

If no spawn by morning i'm going to cup both, do a large water change, then re-release the male fallowed shortly by the female. The reason for the water change ismy male hasn't built a bubble nest,he just keeps showing off. sometimes releasing the female will trigger him to build a nest so i'm hopping that works. if not i'm hopping the clean water will help trigger it.

The reason i try spawning without IAL leaf first is because i want the fry conditioned to the local water. I usually don't have an issue with this.If however nothing else works i do have a friend i can call to get a leaf. xD

Anyway, wish me luck. I'll try to get a vid of the spawning tank up later when i check for eggs.
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Old 11-05-2011, 03:13 AM   #2 
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Location: Australia
:) exciting!!!
Good luck..
Let us all know how everything goes. Could you put up some pictures for us of mum and dad?
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Old 11-05-2011, 03:45 AM   #3 
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One thing to consider about the water change...
Because you're removing him form an environment he's already used to, he might not want to nest in the new water.
Sometimes males won't make a nest at all and they will just blow bubbles as they are placing eggs on the surface.
I would keep the female in the tank but in a vase so the male is not chasing her around the tank and gets himself busy building the nest.
Do yu have something for him to start the bubble nest? a small piece of bubble wrap, a piece of styrofoam or an IAL leaf are great motivators. I prefer a floating IAL... it really makes a difference IME
If you don't wan to use IAL with the fry, yoou can just readjust them to the local water slowly after hatching... you will be adding water and chaging it anyway so just don't use it in the new water.
Best of luck!
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Join Date: Sep 2011
The dad is my display picture(the dark color inthe picture is actually a nice copper color xD), i only havea small one of the mom, but if she's not to tore up in the morning i'll include her in the video before taking her out. xD

here's the mom(you can see part of the tank behind her):

here's another pic of my male.

these pictures are a little old though. xD
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vilmarisv- I know. :) And he has half a styrofoam cup on each side of the tank so he can nest on either side.

I have bred both with and without IAL :) My current male spawned last time without, i just lost the fry to outside causes(things getting into the water/fry getting dumped because my grandma can't /not/ clean for a day and doesn't look into what she's dumping out -_-). The female is from a spawn where i did use some of my own IAL extract.

Also, for any one interested. I'm going to be feeding frozen baby brine shrimp and decap bse(as soon as it arives, ordered it today).

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