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Are they compatible?

I've never had a Betta with other fishes in the same tank so I have no idea which I should avoid or which are a safe choice.
I just saw these glass catfish at the LFS and I fell in love with them. Are they okay to put in the same tank as a Betta? If they are, would a 10gal with 1 betta and 2 catfish be a good size?

If they aren't, what fish do you recommend? Keep in mind that I can only afford a 10gallon (I don't have the space for anything bigger) and how many of them could I put in there with 1 betta?

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Generally it's a good idea to go with a bottom dweller with bettas. there's less chance of the betta feeling threatened by fish swimming on the levels it does regularly.

I think the catfish might not be a good fit.

Look at the temperature ranges they're comfortable with, the water conditions they need, food type, aggression level, social needs. A lot goes into finding companions.

You could safely put 4 corydora catfish in there. They hang around the bottom and like similar conditions to a betta. they do best with soft substrate though since they like to burrow a little bit and their barbels are a little fragile.

Just be sure there are plenty of decorations/plants for the top, middle, and lower level of the tank so that everyone can feel secure.
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Glass cats are definitely not a good idea. Although they are incredibly nifty, they are also very sensitive. You'd need a 30 gallon tank, dimly lit. They are not good with bettas because they are extremely shy. They also need schools of six or more.

As Pataflafla said, 4 panda cories or 6-8 pygmy cories would be ideal. :) If you like a bit of colour combined with the wierd transparency of the glass cats, have a look at ember tetras. I have some in my sorority and I adore them. :) 6 of them should go well with a betta.
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