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Old 10-26-2011, 10:42 PM   #1 
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Unhappy Ultimate Frustration.

So... I'm super upset. Backstory: When I bought Spiridion, he had terrible fin rot. I QTed him for a few days, until it was clearing up a bit, and that was when I decided it would be okay to put him in the divvy'd tank with Phaistos and Hermes. I read a lot before I did it and the general consensus was that it was okay as long as I kept up with water changes and all. I did end up taking him out last night, though, because he was really stressed from the filter (it's super bad with current, even baffled :/ ). So he went to his own supposedly temporary 1/2 gal QT tank again. Sigh.

Then, today, I notice Phaistos has been flaring at his own reflection so much, he's ripped his caudal fin in two places. And his anal fin has the very slightest little black edges. There's no way to say it's part of his coloring, either. He's pink and white. So I took him out and put him in another QT tank because Hermes has been tailbiting, and I don't trust him not to get it, too. Then, I got so upset, I took out the dividers in the tank and Hermes is now swimming around twenty gallons all alone. He looks overjoyed, too. :/ I feel like a terrible fish mother for not being happy for Hermes's happiness, but man. I'm so sad this hasn't been working out.

I told my dad he could use the twenty gal, because my interest in fish has sparked his interest in fish. He wants to put something other than bettas in it, though. I'm just gonna go buy my boys some critter keepers. ULTIMATE FRUSTRATION.
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Old 11-03-2011, 10:58 AM   #2 
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Critter keepers will be fine for your fish. I have mine in critter keepers and a couple of them have heaters in them. I'm sorry for all your frustration.
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When I first put my boys in the same tank (divided!) my old man fish flared like crazy. He ripped his anal fin probably a good cm. Then a couple months in he started tail biting (his anal fin...). I feel your frustration.

So out of curiosity, what filter were you using? Was the tank cycled? Do you have any live plants? Tannins? How are the boys recovering now?

My personal suggestion to you would be to just get a different filter once they are all healed up. Or if you want to go smaller, a 10 gallon could be divided 3 ways. For me, a divided tank is so much easier than individual tanks. However, plenty of members have no problem keeping up with the number of water changes on smaller, uncycled tanks. It is just about finding what works.
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Location: Kentucky
Thanks, DQ. And Kat, They're doing fine now. The tank had been running for maybe a week when I decided I would rather have them in the tank while it finished cycling and keep up with the water changes and all. There weren't any live plants, I don't feel like I'm quite ready to handle live plants yet, but I do have tannin water available for them.

Right now, all the rot has been cleared up. A plus, though, is that Spiridion now has the prettiest blue coloring at the tips of his fins. Phaistos's rips are healing up quite well, and he has no rot anymore, either. Hermes stopped biting his tail as soon as I took him out of the twenty gallon, and he built a bubble nest for the first time in weeks. Lol.

The filter was an Aquatech 20-40. It hauls butt. I kept the little plastic parts in there, so I could redivide it in the future if I wanted to. But that would mean buying a new filter. Sigh. But anyway, that's what's been going on over this way.
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