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Old 11-03-2011, 12:32 PM   #11 
Oregon betta
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Thanks for all the help guys I have been doing a lot of reading. Once I get a heater I will take some pics of him, hes really pretty energetic(when the water is warm) at petsmart he was the one of the most energetic ones so its pretty fun.
With the heater should I heat it gradually in increments, like a couple degrees and hour to limit shock, or will it be slow enough to just turn it to 80 degrees and it will be good? Also I know these guys can jump and we dont have any lid. Because we dont have a lid our aquarium isnt filled to the top maybe an inch or so below. Should we be worried?
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What kind of heater are you going to buy? What I would do is put him in the little cup you bought him in or a floatable baggie and set him aside. Put the heater in and let it heat up to what ever temperature you set it on and then put him on the tank to float. Wait 5-10 minuets and then slowly start acclimating him. This way he will still be adjusting to the temperature without being in direct contact with the heater. Let him float for about 20 minuets total. This should be long enough for the water in his bag to become the same temperature as his tank. Then just release and keep an eye on him for the next couple of hours.

Yes, you should definitely cover his tank! For now lowering the water level a few inches will do but you need to get a lid or find a way to cover his tank in the near future! All of my bettas so far have been jumpers so I always have to make sure that even the tiniest hole in the tank lids are covered! I have seen some people use Plastic Craft Mesh as a tank cover. It seems to work pretty well! Just go to a craft store near you, cut to size, rinse and your good to go! I'm sure there is a DIY somewhere on this forum, I just can't seem to find it!

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Oregon betta
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We went to the petstore yesterday and bought a heater and ended up buying him some more plants haha. Hes really happy with the heather now, he been swimming around and looking at his new stuff.
the pics are pretty bad the light was weird and it makes the colors look bad but non the less. Hes kinda a shiny green but sometimes he looks blue or pinkish.

in his petstore cup.
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pics don't work :(
where in oregon are you?
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