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help -white spot on head

hi my betta has a white spot above his head, just appeared. All i did was add a heater to his tank last night and it got pretty warm so i shut it off today. i do 50% water change once a week. Hes in a 2.5 liter tank by himself and it has a filter. i feed him 3 pellets of dried worms twice a day.Hes 4 months from when i bought him.Any help would be appreciated.
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You will want to change his water more frequently if his tank is 2.5 litres. That comes out to roughly to half a US gallon. Despite the filter being present in that tank, it will not take care of the ammonia build up enough to reduce weekly changes.

In a 2.5 litre tank, I'd do 2 100% at least weekly to take care of ammonia build up (You can space the changes out so long as you are changing all of the water's equivalent twice a week). You may be told otherwise, but this si just my opinion for your tank size.

For diet, blood worms are not a good staple diet. They lack certain amounts of nutrients that a good pellet brand has. The can be effectively used as a meal replacement or a treat during the week however.

What temperature is your tank and is there any possibly way for you to post a picture of what the white spot looks like? Does it look like grains of salt sprinkled over him?
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